Window Replacement and Buying Guide on Internet That Includes Everything You Need to Know

Windows are one of the main ways that work as a passage for light and air in our home. It also offers a sight of nature and mother earth from the cozy corner of your room. Thus, the window needs more attention than any other component of the home.

Our taste is diverse. So we want our rooms to look good in every way. If you love both the sight and light window should have clenched a special place in your hearts. However, an old and worn window can’t fulfill the purposes, and it needs replacement.

Why do windows need replacement?

1. Why do windows need replacement

There are many reasons why windows need replacement. Some of the main reasons can be:

  • The windows are in a very bad condition or broken
  • You are facing problem in opening or closing the windows
  • The windows do not match your home décor

Windows add style and elegance in your room and give you the tranquility of mind. A dusty, drafty, and broken one will no way help you to get either of them. Therefore, replacement is necessary for peace of mind too.

Basic Terminologies used for Window Replacement

Window replacement companies need to know some terminologies used for window replacements because without a proper idea on the terminologies they will not be able to replace the old one and install the new window in the right way. 

Some of the basic terminologies are: 

Window frame

2. Window frame

The window frame is actually the combination of the head, jambs, and sill, which gives the safety glass of the window the actual support. The frame is mostly made out of wood or vinyl and the size of the frame varies depending on the actual window size.

Casing and trim

3. Casing and trim

Casing and trim are used interchangeably to describe the decorative wood that surrounds the perimeter of the window to cover the space between the wall and jambThese need to be perfectly installed to do the window replacement properly. 

Window glass 

4. Window glass

Window glass is the most important thing of a window and it is held together with a variety of components. One can choose any type of window glass for their window depending on their preferences.  

Famous Types and Styles of Windows and their Applications

There are different types of windows in the market with different kinds of applications. Knowing the styles and applications of the window you can easily choose the right one for your house. If you don’t know I am mentioning some famous types and styles of windows and their applications for you below: 

Double-hung windows: Vertically slide up and down within frame

5. Double hung windows Vertically slide up and down within frame

Double-hung windows have two sashes that vertically slide up and down inside the frame. This means it allows the ventilation on top and on the bottom as well.

Casement windows: Open to entire length like a door

6. Casement windows Open to entire length like a door

These types of windows are attached to the frame by one or more hinges and crank open outward. It opens in its entire length in the same way as a door. 

Awning windows: open from the bottom to the outward

7. Awning windows open from the bottom to the outward

Awning windows open from the bottom to the outward. It can be installed above, below, or alongside other types of windows at your house. 

Picture window: use in drawing rooms or Living rooms for maximum outside view

8. Picture window

The picture window is the type of window that will allow you a maximum view of the outside. These windows will cover the whole wall in length or the maximum of it. Picture windows are best to use in drawing rooms or Living rooms. 

Stationery window: Do not open

9. Stationery window

Stationery windows can be customized to attach in any corner of your house and these windows do not open. So we can say these are mainly used just to decorate or style corners of a house. 

Slide windows: left or right sliding options

10. Slide windows

Slider windows are the most widely used windows. These open with the sash sliding left or right. Sliding windows are highly suitable for bedrooms, dining rooms and kitchens. 

Choosing the material for Window Framing

11. Choosing the material for Window Framing

The top window brands mostly offer 5 types of window frame materials for the replacement of windows of your house. The five types are: 

  • Aluminum window
  • Composite window
  • Vinyl window
  • Fiberglass window
  • Traditional wooden window

You can choose any of these depending on the climate, budget and according to your home decor and preference. 

Types of Window Glass for different functions and purpose

Annealed glass [Ordinary Float glass]: Low cost option

12. Annealed glass

This is a low cost yet quality glass that is widely used as window glass. It has no color and doesn’t give protection against UV rays. Float glass is actually made cutting a normal sheet of glass. 

Safety laminated glass: Highly strong and sturdy

13. Safety laminated glass

Safety laminated glass is stronger than the float glass. It will give proper protection and security to your house. It will stay in the frame even if it gets fix a broken window somehow as it is made by fusing at least two panes around an inner layer of PVB (polyvinyl butyral).

Obscured glass: used for privacy purpose

14. Obscured glass

It is the type of window glass that is not see-through but allows light to come in fully. This is why it is the most popular glass used in the bathroom and bedroom windows. 

Tinted glass: a colored glass

15. Tinted glass

Tinted glass is colorful and designed which makes it a little bit more expensive than the other available glasses. It adds elegance to the whole house. Moreover, it reduces the sunlight and protects against harmful UV rays

Mirrored glass: Mirror from outside but glass from inside

16. Mirrored glass

Mirrored glass is nowadays widely used in walls or furniture to make it look more elegant. However, mirrored glasses are not usually used for exterior windows. 

Insulated glass: Energy efficient option

17. Insulated glass

If you want to save energy then insulated glass is the best option for your windows. It reduces the sunlight which keeps the house cool and it also gives protection against UV rays. 

Tips to clean and maintain your windows that look brand new for long

18. Tips to clean and maintain your windows that look brand new for long
  • Use vinegar water or any glass cleaner to clean the window glass once in a week
  • Soap water can leave spots on the glass
  • Clean the dust first before cleaning with any liquid
  • Clean only when the sunlight doesn’t directly fall in the windows
  • Use old newspaper to wipe the glass

Wrap Up!

Now that you are at the end of this article, I hope it gave you a detailed idea about window replacements and other information related to it. So, if you are thinking of replacing your windows you can easily take ideas of everything from this guide and choose the best windows for your house!

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