Why Wood Not To Use For Cutting Boards

Why Wood Not To Use For Cutting Board?

Wood is the best material to make a cutting or chopping board. This is because wood is sturdier, healthier, and harder to damage.

You should aware of the wood not use for cutting boards.

wood not to use for cutting boards

You may think you can use any wood that is harder and easy to curve. But this is wrong thinking.

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There are several things you need to know while choosing wood for chopping boards. Hardwoods such as maple, walnut, cherry, bamboo, etc.

Are more acceptable in this case. They are durable having less toxicity. Also, they are positive for our environment.

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On the other hand, experts suggest you not to choose fir, pine, cedar, etc. wood.

These are the suitable but unsafe and improper choice for a wooden cutting board.

Softwoods like these woods get broken or cut after several uses of knives on them. These are also toxic in some ways.

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After several uses, these woods can leach oils and resins. Many people are allergic to these oils.

So, you should be careful in choosing woods which are not only beautiful but also have positive sides.

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