Way To Buy Wet Quality Mop

Normally, it takes a lot of time and effort to clean floors especially when it comes to busy hallways and kitchens. Being the simplest and cheapest tool for keeping floors clean and pleasing to the eyes, mops really play a huge role. Specifically, wet mops are the most commonly used cleaning tools for keeping floors clean whether they are exclusive for homes, schools, malls, or offices.

However, looking for a wet mop online can be really overwhelming with over 35 million results. Thus, it is important to know what to look for when selecting the best-wet mops to narrow down your search.


3 Main Types of Wet Mops

Before you dive into the selection of mops, take note that there are 3 main types of wet mops that you can choose from on the market.

  1. Microfiber Mops If you prefer using a mop that has been proven and tested to be friendly to Mother Nature, then a microfiber mop is the type of wet mop you are looking for. Microfiber mops are widely known for being really handy when cleaning different types of floors. Made from a combination of polyamide and polyester, microfiber mops are considered as the most hygienic mops that can collect and trap dirt easily.
    Therefore, you don’t have to use so many chemicals when cleaning different floor surfaces since it traps in dirt efficiently until it is time to wash it up. Its microfiber woven fabrics are shaped as tubes which increases the friction when cleaning floors to make sure that it will not leave any fluff on your floor. Moreover, microfiber mops are safe to be used since it consists of hypoallergenic properties.
  2. Cut-End Mops If you are looking for the most basic type of mop then you are looking for cut end mops. Cut end mops are the most economical solution due to the fact that its materials generally have the lowest cost. Cut end mops are the most ideal mops for cleaning small surfaces and soaking up various types of spills due to its strand gaps. The gaps between the cut end mops’ strands allow it to spread evenly to clean surfaces. You can also use tail bands to improve the coverage control of your cut end mop. On the other hand, the most common problem of this type of mop is that it can’t be washed which made it a “disposable” mop. Thus, the lifespan of cut end mops is commonly shorter than other types of mops especially because it starts to fray and unravels over time which leaves lint and lose strands on the floor.
  3. Looped-End Mops Unlike cut end mops, looped end mops are ideal for cleaning bigger areas which made them common among janitorial tasks. Janitors mostly clean huge surface areas so looped end mops are ideal to finish the task faster. Compared with microfiber mops and cut end mops, looped end mops have the maximum reach not to mention if you attach tail bands. Tail bands can improve the looped end mops’ coverage by widening the reach of these gap-free mops and ensure its maximum productivity. Moreover, looped end mops are much capable of withstanding snagging, tangling, and unraveling that commonly occur to cut end mops thanks to the aid of tail bands. Once you are done cleaning one area, you can wash it right away before transferring to another location since it is washable and reusable. Therefore, this type of mop is known for being durable and ideal for a long-term use. Washing and reusing it over and over can also help you cut a big cost over time. Looped-end mop heads are available in various sizes from Small, Medium, to Large.

4 Types of Mop Yarns

Aside from considering the 3 main types of wet mops, you should also know the types of yarns when looking for a mop.

  1. Cotton When it comes to yarns, cotton fibers are considered the most popular due to its excellent absorption capacity. Cotton fibers generally have a low initial cost compared to others and it is known for its limited shrinkage characteristics. With excellent absorption capacity, wet mops with cotton fibers can absorb liquid that is 2-3 times its weight. However, wet mops with cotton fibers still vary to be more suitable for specific tasks like from regular mopping indoors to heavy-duty cleaning on rough surfaces.
  2. Rayon Wet mops with rayon fibers are known for their capacity to absorb liquid quickly. In addition, rayon fibers are known for drying faster, leaving less lint, and resisting mildew which allows it to last longer. Rayon fibers can also collect and trap dirt and liquid that is 6-7 times its weight which gives it an advantage over cotton fibers. Rayon fibers don’t have that much retention capabilities especially when wet which makes it easier to wash but not if you intend to clean up without a bucket on your side especially with spills. But in general, rayon fibers have an excellent finish.
  3. Microfiber Microfiber mops are made from 100% continuous filament small fibers that are sewn into tubes for maximum performance. Mops with microfibers are popular due to its brilliant cleaning performance and absorption power. Microfibers have the capacity to attract and trap in moisture, dirt, and even grease from surfaces and leave your floor lint-free. Thus, microfibers are commonly available at higher prices compared with other materials on the market with all outstanding characteristics.
  4. Blends If you are still not satisfied with the given types of yarns above, you can also try yarn blends. Yarn blends are made by combining various types of fibers to produce a top-notch blend of yarn. Blends are made to provide maximum performance that includes maximum absorption power and retention capabilities that can lift 6-7 times its weight. In addition, blends do not require any break in to be used easily and perform at its best.

Characteristics to Consider When Buying a Wet Mop

In addition to the types of mops and its yarns, you should also take note of other characteristics to consider when selecting the best wet mop on the market.

  1. Size Though most customers spend more time checking out mops’ qualities, don’t forget that size matters too. If you will use your wet mop on huge surface areas, then it is more practical to get a wet mop with a large head to finish your task faster. The bigger area your mop can cover the better considering that it can also fit in tight spaces for better cleaning results. Most wet mop heads can be bought in different sizes that range from Small to Extra Large depending on the mop’s weight which is measured in ounces. This also affects the absorption capacity of mops. The bigger mop head, the more liquid can be absorbed.
  2. Ply The ply refers to the total number of fibers that are twisted to make up a single strand of yarn that is used to make a mop. The higher number of plies the stronger the mop can be. However, it does not necessarily mean that the quality of the mop may increase just because it has a high number of ply. The extra strands of yarns may be able to add durability to the mop but it reduces the mop’s absorption capacity. Thus, getting a wet mop that has lower ply but with a higher quality of yarn. This makes it more cost-effective and cost-efficient.
  3. Sanitary Properties You may be wondering why this is even included here when wet mops are mainly used in cleaning with cleaning agents. Believe it or not, there are special mop fibers that are made with sanitary properties like microfibers. These sanitary properties or disinfectant agents that are locked into the mops’ yarns provides an extra protection to the mop head against harmful bacteria, mildew, yeast, and molds. In the long run, mops that contain these properties tend to last longer and are sought by more customers.
  4. Headband This is no ordinary headband that you would see on people’s head because it is more than an accessory for wet mops. When it comes to wet mops, headbands refer to the finishing of mop heads that come in two sizes – wide or narrow. Mops with narrow headbands are normally 6 ¼ inches long and come with stirrup handles. The headbands are considered as handy when it comes to finishing mops.
    On the other hand, wet mops with wide headbands are normally 6 ¼ inches long too. However, it is also 5 inches wider compared to mops with narrow headbands which made it better with stirrup handles and clamp handles.
    Of course, let’s not forget about the materials where mesh headbands standout. Mesh bands give headbands a smoother look and help the mop to dry faster to prevent the growth of molds.

Final Thoughts

To ensure the maximum performance of your wet mop, be sure to read every point carefully to find out the top characteristics that you want in your mop. Find out which type of wet mop is best for your cleaning needs and its type of yarn. Don’t forget to look for the top characteristics of mops too. If you want to know more about mops specific for tile floors, you can check the mop for tile floors on reviews advisor.

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