How Much Does the Weight of Shoe Affect Performance?

Performance is the key to everything that we do in our life. We always measure quality of a certain thing with its performance. And the same happens to shoe also. People wearing shoe always looks for performance whether he is a professional runner or common people.

The performance of a shoe depends on some crucial factors. And the factor of weight is one of them. In this content, we will discuss the effect of weight in shoe performance under the headline – How much does the weight of shoe affect performance?. Let’s have a look.


What Does The Performance or Quality of Shoes Mean?

There is no simple answer regarding the performance or quality of a shoe. It is very hard to measure as there is no such standard to evaluate it. But we research and get some factors that can help to measure the quality and performance of a shoe. They are shoe comfortableness factor, speed up and boost factor, training and game improvement factor, shoe lasting factors etc.

Reality Behind -The Weight Of Shoe Affect Performance

Shoe weight is an important factor that directly affects the performance in running or walking. To make this content understandable, we discuss with different sections of people, know their advantage and problems regarding show weight and figure out how much it could affect in terms of performance. After reading this writing, you will ensure about the reality behind this topic.

How Much It Affects The Children

For children, generally, parents do not think about performance. Some parents basically look for designer shoes. Design shoes are heavily weighted and not very comfortable to wear. They will not walk and run freely with that. And it affects the children directly and can cause a problem in their leg development and growth.

N. B. That’s why exerts advice to use the light shoe for children.

Athlete & Sports Person

Performance matter most for an Athlete and Sportsperson. They use a special type of shoe for practicing as well as for sports to maximize performance. And weight is an important factor for them to control performance. It doesn’t matter they play indoor sport or outdoor sports. Pingpongpassion suggests using very light weighted shoe for any sports.

Shoes Weight Effect For Stylish Young Generations

The young generation has a huge crush on designer and colorful shoes. And most of them do not bother about the performance. High heel and boot shoes are very heavy and they use it for fashion. And it affects performance if they do use it for walking and running otherwise don’t.

Impact On Student

We tend to observe mixed felling when we talk about the performance of the shoe with the student. In most of the cases, school and college choose shoes for them and they have to wear it. Most common shoes are black oxford shoe, white converse shoe, pity shoe, simple black leather shoes and sports shoe.

Oxford and Leather Shoe: Generally, oxford shoe and simple black leather shoe is a little heavy and not great for performance. Here weight has a directly linked to performance. A student has to take part in pity class, physical education class and sports. And those shoes are not great for this. It’s heavy weight causes discomfort and decreases the performance of a student.

Pity Shoe and White Converse: Pity and converse shoes are very light weighted and great for pity and physical class. Because of its lightweight, the student can move freely and do the task of fitness class easily. But it is not great for sports as the material of this shoe is not that quality.

Student Sports Shoe: Students loving sports and play game in school should use sports shoe. They are very light weighted and give you a better result in games. Pity shoes are not recommended to use in sports purposes.

Performance Effect – Middle Age To Old People

When age increase, people tend to get weaker and that’s why the performance shoe matter for them. And that’s why middle age to old people prefers to use light footwear to get maximum performance.

Final Words

Performance can go down if the weight of shoe increases. So, we can tell that performance is inversely proportional to shoe weight. We do think that all confusion is over now and now it is your time to decide which shoe you need.

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