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You can never sparkle too much. Adding a touch of diamond flare to any outfit will instantly turn you into the belle of the ball. Since the beginning of time men and women have been adorning their bodies with majestic gems, stones, and metals.

Usually indicating status and power, jewelry is no doubt part of any outfit. Learn more about the history of jewelry at britannica.

diamond ring

Just like clothing, jewelry pieces can be seasonal. If you want to stay with the trends you need to keep up with what’s currently in fashion. Diamonds can be cut into so many different appealing shapes, but it’s the design of the jewelry piece that adds onto its pizazz.


Here is a list of the most trending diamond jewelry of 2020:


Flower prints are making a huge comeback on coats, pantsuits, dresses, and headbands. Diamond jewelry modern customers are requesting tiny buds, blossoms, and flowers on their pieces. The more intricate and detailed the hotter the item.

flower diamond

Wearing sweet small flowers around a necklace or bracelet gives the wearer a soft and summery appeal. Other nature-inspired designs are that of a four-leaved clover for luck, and yellow diamond butterflies and roses.

Boho Cheek

As the entire world turns to inner-peace and self-discovery, so does the jewelry world. Celestial pieces are dazzling with stars, moons, and astrological signs. They are great gifts for birthdays or celebrating a new beginning in life.


When you choose your diamond for a celestial piece, you can opt for yellow or even duller colors. Click here and check out the informative videos about choosing a diamond.


Beautiful has never been ugly and that’s why vintage-inspired jewelry is still trending in 2020. People living in the Edwardian and Victorian era really amped up everything we know about diamonds, gemstones, and adornments today.

Vintage Diamond

The Queen and all her men wore insanely intricate and bold crowns, rings, bracelets, and brooches. Therefore, jewelry from the Edwardian, art deco, and Victorian eras greatly inspire designers today.

Whether you invest in a diamond piece dating back tens of years or a new design from James Allen, you’ll be a walking conversation starter.


The modern world is filled with influencers and brand marketers trying to put their names on the map. Standing out has never been so important and easy at the same time. With custom-designed jewelry, you will have no trouble having a one-of-a-kind piece.

Customized diamond

Either engraving you or your loved one’s name on the band of a ring or on a sweet pendant is a bold statement. You can even upgrade a vintage heirloom by adding a birthstone or special diamond.

When you decide on customizing jewelry you have to choose the jeweler really well. Read up about details on the James Allen experience to know your options when it comes to updating and customizing pieces.

Rainbow Diamonds

A current trend that can not be overlooked is the stacking of different colored diamonds and gems. Rich rainbow colors are placed in tennis bracelets or rings. Either gradually increasing in size or scattered along the ring’s band in different sizes.

Rainbow Diamonds

The designs are endless and designers have started to become much more creative and experimental when it comes to adding different colored diamonds onto metal.

Myriad Metal

For a long time, we overlooked the magic that can be made by mixing different types of metal. Popular metal types were always yellow, rose, or white gold and titanium.

Myriad Metal Diamond

It has become quite trendy to mix metals with golds, this is known as myriad metal. Myriad metal is a dazzling complimentary partner to shiny diamonds. This is not to say that yellow and rose gold are making an exit, as they are still part of the vintage-inspired pieces that are making a huge comeback in 2020.

Whether you are going to a red-carpet event, a formal date night, or a casual brunch on Sunday, diamonds add extra shine to any outfit. Stay in style by choosing diamond pieces that are cutting edge and trendy or romantic and elegant. As long as you invest in timeless classic on a website like James Allen, you’ll be making head turns wherever you go.

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