Tips For Making Printed Backpacks

Printed backpacks feature unique designs, which makes them stand out as a fashion accessory rather than a regular bag. Designer backpacks can be used as a promotional product for attendees or new hires joining your business. 

On the other side, designing backpacks for your brand can be a fun experience. You get complete creative control on what you would love the backpacks to look like. The main goal should be to create a quality backpack that leaves a lasting impression.

Below are several important factors to consider when designing printed backpacks for your business.

Theme and Design Concept

The design phase is critical when designing custom-branded items. The design must be relevant to the event or marketing campaign. You also need to select the color pallet, font style, and design of the bag.

You can hire a professional designer to help you during this stage. Developing sketches can be challenging, especially if it is your first time on a creative gig. However, you can get inspiration from existing ideas, and Pinterest is a good source. 

We recommend collecting feedback from your team before pushing the design to production. Develop a prototype of the printed backpacks and ask for feedback from your employees or clients.

Size and Capacity

These are crucial factors when making custom backpacks. Consider your clientele and their areas of occupation. Backpacks are used for carrying work stuff. However, it can also be used to pack stuff for a small trip.

Extra-large backpacks aren’t practical because they will be hard to carry. On the flip side, the bag shouldn’t be too small. For reference, a good backpack should be able to fit a 15-inch laptop and a few books. 

Extra pockets and compartments are a nice addition. The compartments will make packing and arranging stuff inside the backpack easy. Side pockets can be used for carrying extra accessories like water bottles. 

Fabric Quality

The type of fabric will determine the quality and durability of your printed backpacks. There are many options, but common materials used are canvas, leather, nylon, and cotton. Canvas and leather backpacks are the crème de la crème. However, they are costlier than nylon and cotton backpacks.

Talk to an expert from RocketBags for more insights about fabric options. Focus on the cost of production, print option, and durability. 

Hire a Bag Manufacturer 

Once you have your design concept and fabric, the next step is to look for a bag manufacturer. Google for a printed backpack manufacturer in your area. Read reviews from past clients to see what they say about the manufacturer.

Visit the manufacturer’s website and preview some of the brands they have worked with. Ask for a quote to see if you are within their budget. Mention the number of pieces you want and the delivery time when requesting a quote.

Read the contract terms before signing the deal.

Final Thoughts

Designing and manufacturing the perfect printed backpacks involves careful consideration of customer needs, preferences, and the quality of the fabric. The tips in this guide will help you make the best backpacks for upcoming market campaigns or seminars.

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