Best Dish Soap for Baby Bottles

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It’s been the pleasure of writing about the baby and baby’s healthcare.

It’s obvious that the baby bottle is an essential thing to feed the baby properly.

Mothers can’t breastfeed the babies sometimes due to some cases.

This is why baby bottles are a useful way to fill up the needs of the baby’s hunger.


I am here writing about keeping the baby bottles clean and safe for baby feeding.

How will you clean them? The detergents those are used to clean the clothes, dishes or other things?

Pediatricians suggest using dish soap for baby bottles cleaning. Dish soaps are friendly in any sort of cleaning the baby bottles.

Here I am presenting the dish soap for baby bottles buying the guide.

You’ll learn how to buy, where to buy the dish soaps for baby bottles in this article.

How to choose

Baby bottle dish soap is quite different from regular dish wash soap. Baby’s health is more sensitive than kids or elders.

We should be aware of what we are using to wash the baby bottles.

If we use ordinary dishwasher soap, there could be health issues.

Hidden germs, unhealthy molecules etc. can remain in the bottles after washing them with ordinary dish soaps.

There are a few things you should be aware of using ordinary dish wash soaps.

They contain harmful chemicals that create skin irritation, stomach problems.

Most of these detergents have these types of chemical ingredients:

Sulfates break the protective layer of the skin and remove all oils from the skin.

It makes the skin dry, sensitive to skin diseases.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is a kind of sulfate (known as Nitrosamines) that absorbs nitrates.

This type of carcinogen is pretty harmful to baby’s skin. It makes the skin dry, uneven.

Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) is another type of sulfate gets contaminated with Dioxane.

This is the reason for having metabolism problem of the baby’s body.

Sometimes the regular dish wash detergent may contain artificial fragrance.

The manufacturer uses phthalates and similar chemicals to make scents.

This is absolutely rubbish thing to affect baby’s hormone level negatively. It’s also the reason to have allergic reactions.

You can’t even see the ingredients used to make a certain artificial fragrance.

Because the manufacturers never show them on the soap pack’s label.

Using the ordinary dish soaps containing harsh chemicals just don’t harm the babies.

They can also be harmful to the mother’s health.

Many mothers are found having skin problems like dermatitis, allergens, psoriasis, eczema, after using these soaps for a long time.

This is totally uncomfortable for anyone.

So, what should you look in a good dish soap for baby bottles?

Vegetable based soaps are most friendly for cleaning and washing the plastic baby bottles.

They are gentle on certain tasks.

Always avoid the SLS or SLES contained dish wash soaps. Do not buy the paraben filled dish soaps.

Also, choose the soaps those are recommended by top-class pediatricians.

Look for the purposes of the soap written on the labels.

A quality dish soap for baby bottles is formulated to eradicate the milk residues.

Milk residues are tough to clean. If you leave them on the bottles, they won’t be properly ready to re-use.

Cleaning with water or ordinary dishwasher doesn’t peel off the layer of the milk residues.

Consequently, be predictable to select the best one.

Try to think of naturally made dish soaps.

Petroleum-based chemical made dish soaps for baby bottles are the reasons to leave milk residues or coating on the surface of the bottles.

Bacteria can grow in the baby bottles if you clean them with these types of soaps.

Even they can flow in the baby’s bloodstream when you heat back the bottle with milk or other formulae.

So, you should be aware of fake “natural” soaps.

If you want your baby to feel no bad odor from the bottles, you should clean them regularly.

Dish soaps can contain various types of fragrance flavor. Don’t choose the dish soaps contains too strong scent.

Sweet, soft fragrance will be suitable for any babies.

Even your baby will feel the interest to have food properly.

Obviously, this will make you happy.

I suggest you choose fragrance-free dish soaps for making the bottles ready to use again.

This is because there won’t be any chance to have artificial scents. Artificial scents are totally unpleasing.


Here are some frequently asked questions about choosing the right dish soap for baby bottles cleaning:

Question: How to remove the sign of soap used on baby bottles after washing?

Answer: Firstly, fill up the basin or sink with warm water. Then mix required amount of dish soap for baby bottles in the water.

This reduces the direct application of the soap to the bottles.

Then immerse all the parts of the bottles including the nipple, collar, and cover of the bottle.

You can use a bottle brush to scrub the body of the bottle. Then rinse the bottle with running water.

This process will make the bottle properly safe for feeding the infant again.

Question: What are the harmful chemicals in ordinary dish soaps?

Answer: Ordinary dish soaps contain a lot of unsafe chemicals.

These can be phosphates, triclosan, SLS, SLES, DEA, MEA, TEA, chlorine, formaldehyde, ammonia etc. and many more.

The reason behind using these chemicals is to clean the subjects faster.


Keeping baby safe is a matter of joy to every mother.

After all, everyone wants to see the baby playing, smiling and sleeping properly.

If the baby gets health issues, then it won’t be able to smile properly again. So, choosing the right dish soap is a crying need.

You should be aware of using dish soaps. Manual hand wash is better than using soap full of chemicals.

If you want to use the dish soap, try to select the best one as I showed the qualities of it.

Hope this dish soap for baby bottles buying guide will help you in every case.

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