Sleep Your Way To Good Skin

Sleeping beauty was a princess for a reason; sleep is the best thing for your skin. “Beauty sleep” is not a myth but is indeed the best and fool proof centuries old hack for a healthy, glowing and youthful skin.

Moreover, it is the most guilt-free beauty tip out there. Sleep is pertinent for physical and mental health, and for preventing many diseases. The fact that it also leads to amazing skin is simply, cherry on top.

While you will have to visit a skin specialist in Lahore,if you have some complicated skin problem or disease, the rest can simply dream their way to healthy skin!

Brief Discussion On Sleep Your Way To Good Skin

Here, in the next portion, we will discuss the importance of sleep and how it is related to achieve good skin. Let’s have a look.

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Sleep helps to undo the damage done during the day

Sleep is the much-needed downtime for the body. Through the day, Sun and the subsequent UV exposure causes collagen damage. Moreover, during the day, skin gets bared to all sorts of pollutants and wear and tear. Makeup products wreak havoc of their own on the skin.

Thus, sleep is vital to rectify the damage sustained throughout the day. As we sleep, our body works to mend the skin cells.

However, when you do not get adequate sleep, your cells are not repaired. Hence, skin health starts to deteriorate. As the collagen levels are not restored properly, the face also undergoes premature aging.

Sleep improves complexion

Blood supply to epidermis is increased when we sleep, so the cells are also flooded with oxygen and nutrients required for rejuvenation. This helps to make the complexion glowing and skin dewy. On the other hand, lack of sufficient sleep often manifests as pasty complexion, with rather textured skin. For proper sleep, please do use proper mattress or cushion.

Sleep helps depuff the face

We all have experienced swollen eyelids and puffy faces when we do not get enough shuteye. Dark circles become more prominent, skin looks pale and fine lines become even more prominent. These results manifest even when as little as a night’s sleep is missed, such profound is the impact of sleep on the skin.

Long term sleep deprivation naturally causes worse damage to the skin cells over time.

Sleep and skin have a great impact on your social life

How you physically appear to others has great significance in your social life, as superficial is an important part of how others perceive you. This is also backed up Sundelin et. al. According to their research, a sleep deprived person is seen as less attractive by others and is more likely to suffer from lack of social contact.

When we do not get sufficient shuteye, our external appearance reflects this as well.

Dark circles, disheveled look, puffy eyes, textured skin are the telltale signs of sleep deprivation, and are a great turn off for others. Such individuals are not ascribed positive traits like intelligence, friendliness etc.

Moreover, people who suffer from sleep deprivation also are less empathetic, less optimistic and have behavioral issues as well. While it is not possible for others to know if a person has these problems by merely looking at them, but their face and skin are a dead giveaway of their sleep deprived state. Result; lack of social life.

Note : Please do not drink coffee, if you have bad sleeping habit.

Sleep and the hormones

Hormones have a rather precarious balance in the body, and if we impose on our body, this balance gets disturbed. When we do not sleep during the night, the cortisol – stress hormone—levels stay elevated in the body. Consequently, the healing abilities of the body are compromised.

When wounds on the skin are not properly healed, other problems like acne, premature aging, skin psoriasis etc. ensue.

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Some things that will help improve skin further

Having a nighttime cleansing routine is just as crucial as a daytime one. Even if you are dead-tired, make sure to wash your face before heading off to bed, especially if you are wearing makeup!

Moreover, your bed linens are also important, after all, your skin continues to make contact with them for a long time. This also leads to friction and thus, the softer your sheet is, less friction-induced skin damage there will be. Hence, opt for sheets with more thread count, or treat yourself to the luxe silk sheets.

Another important thing to do before heading off to bed is using a good moisturizer. Your skin loses more moisture when you sleep and barricading against this will prevent your skin from parching.

Products that have vitamin C or A are also helpful for improved collagen production during the night. And, thus it helps to give you a youthful glow in skin. However, do consult your skin specialist before using any beauty related products with Vitamin A, as it is rather potent.  Besides this, you can take Celery Juice before going to bed for sleeping. Celery contains more active vitamin A and C and is very beneficial to skin.


We all want good skin but most of the times, we neglect small but effective factors. Proper sleeping habit is one of them. In this full writing, I try to cover the full benefit of sleep regarding glowing skin and so on. You can give your feedback about the writing in the comment section. Have a nice day. 

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