3+ Best Shoe Glue: Soles, Heels Repair

Comparison table of top rated shoe glue:

Are you tired enough of searching the best shoe glue for fixing soles or insoles or shoe repairing? And still, you are in confusion about picking the best glue for shoe molding? Then you are in just the right place at the right hour.

I just write this entire embellishment for you. After the ending of the article, you will get the knowledge about the top rated and the best shoe glue to repair your boot as well as buying the guide.

When it is about to repair your Nike or tennis shoes, not every glue won’t give some feedback. You can’t just pick something and expect to have the best solution for your heels. It may hold for a certain time but ultimately you will be the loser.

So getting the leading shoe glue to rescue your favorite boots but also liberate your precise time and money both. There is nothing more disappointing than seeing the favorite sneakers coming ends. And if you are not buying new one constantly, you must go for the different solution, right?

All kind of shoe or boot can be damaged or broken for certain reasons such as water blow, utmost usage or extra forcing to fit with legs etc. But don’t worry. You can fix it at your home within a cheaper value of money rather than a cobbler charge.

All you just need of having the ideal shoe glue for your favorite footwear. My statement in here is that no one will take much care that you will take for your shoes. Most of the cobblers or shoe repairs use glues in repairing soles, heels and so on.

You can do the same in your house in less time with extra care. Here I suggest buying glue that won’t just stick swiftly but also temperature resistant and waterproof. The top quality shoe glue set up flexible and makes a strong adjustment with the leather and rubber.

Here I put every sort of info you need to know about shoe adhesive and you will see a short list of excellent shoe glue that market offers for the customers.

I find different types of shoes and soles are offering for the buyers including golf shoe soles, tennis shoe soles, leather shoe soles, rubber shoe, converse, sneakers & so on. Each type is different from another one.


The adhesive or glue which is using for repairing shoes is varying from types of shoes. Below I make a chart of five top quality shoe glue to help you pick one that suits your requirements.

Reviews List of Best Shoe Glue

1. Shoe Goo Repair Adhesive for Fixing Worn Shoes or Boots – Best Quality Shoe Glue for Leather Review

Shoe Goo Repair Adhesive for Fixing Worn Shoes or Boots  Best Quality Shoe Glue for Leather Review

One of the best glue for shoe straps is Shoe Goo repair adhesive. In my reviews, I suggest Shoe Goo is particularly designed for repairing any fragments of the shoe including the sole, cowhide top or canvas, outer soles or hurt foot soles areas.

The glue contains huge ingredients that end up with versatile flexibility. Moreover, shoe goo is waterproof and heat resistant & easy to apply. The reason I keep this item at the top of my list for its budget-friendly price.

You can apply it to seal rubber boots, waders and even more on repairing skateboards. Shoe Goo effectively works on different kinds of shoes like games shoes and runners utilize it as frequently as possible in repairing their sneakers to expand their lives.


  • The glue is particularly made for using over leather, fabrics and elastic items
  • It is waterproof and heat resistant
  • After drying, the glue flexible stick with the soles & rubber
  • Sustainable and sealed small cuts & leakages
  • Repair skateboard, warders and other objects without any crack


  • It is tough to apply it without the dry season. It takes time to adjust or sealed in cold weather
  • The packaging is not so good

2. Boot-Fix Shoe Glue – Best Glue for Rubber Shoe Repair Review

Boot Fix Shoe Glue  Best Glue for Rubber Shoe Repair Review

You will probably unlike to fastener your shoe and will not go them damaging unless trying to fix it up. That’s why I keep something professional in my supreme shoe glue review list and that is Boot fix shoe glue.

You don’t need to visit cobbler every time when you found any small holes in your shoes. Rather than wasting time and money, you can solve it yourself by boot fix shoe glue within a short time.

It can instantly adjust without any clamp & fix your footwear without any expansion or thickness like other brands. It sticks up soft and flexible & doesn’t fade the color of your shoes. Like the previous item, Boot-fix is waterproof, heat resistant & stays for a long time.

It will give the confidence to repair your own things my own self.  Through it is a little bit costly and less color option, you can complete furthermore of repairing jobs by this 75-ounce tube.

Advice! I suggest using latex gloves before applying it. If glue sticks with your fingers use cooking oil to release it.


  • It bonds instantaneously without clamping
  • Takes twenty to fifty seconds for drying up
  • Malleable, waterproof & heat resistant
  • Dry clearly and doesn’t damage shoe color
  • Durable and safe to use in any condition


  • Less color option
  • A little bit expensive but much more effective

How to Apply:

  • Loosen the cap not the nozzle
  • Clear all dirt from the objects
  • Now put some boot-fix glue on the corner of the objects
  • Now convene and grasp the object for 20-45 seconds

3. Aleene’s 15594 Leather & Suede Glue – Best Glue for Leather Shoe Repair Review

Aleenes 15594 Leather & Suede Glue  Best Glue for Leather Shoe Repair Review

Aleene’s Leather & Suede glue is one the greatest exploration & top best shoe glue for leather. It can work effectively both on the rough and soft object. Just ensure to utilize it in the right way. Suppose you got ready for going outside and suddenly saw some broken damage on your shoes.

But you can’t go and get a new one instantly. The Aleene’s 15594 Leather & Suede Glue can be your best friend in this situation. This sturdy super glue works very effectively in repairing any kind of leather items such as shoes, belts, bags etc.

Even it works out on your leather fabrics. The glue moistures very flexible & swiftly & get invisible. The reason behind craft lovers appreciated for its long-lasting support. Once applies, it will work permanently. Besides, this glue is secure to apply because it is toxic free.

Remember! This glue only works over leather and dry items. So if it is a plastic surface, it may not give a productive result. Besides shoe repairing, I suggest using it if you have any passion home leather shirt or costume designing.


  • Effective & powerful glue for leather items
  • Instant anonymity after applying it
  • Easy and transparent
  • Don’t soak
  • Good customer feedback


  • Only effective leather items
  • Only effective on dry cleanable & flexible objects

4. Barge All-Purpose Cement Rubber Leather Shoe Waterproof Glue – Best Glue for Shoe for Sneakers, Golf, Tennis, Running Shoe Soles Review

Barge All Purpose Cement Rubber Leather Shoe Waterproof Glue  Best Glue for Shoe for Sneakers Golf Tennis Running Shoe Soles Review

If you are looking for something profession and the best glue for leather shoe repair, then I will suggest going for Barge All-purpose Cement Rubber Leather Show Glue. I guarantee, it will accomplish all of your requirements.

It is pretty much different and expensive than other glue. It can work any type of objects or surface. If it is about repairing leather or sports shoes, the super glue shows the best performance. The reason I pick this one in my top review list of its extraordinary sticking capability.

It comes to dry within a few minutes (near about 10 to 15 minutes), durable, and heat & waterproof. But stays alert. This glue is highly combustible. So keeps it away from child and pets.

Besides leather and fabricated & woven fabrics repairing jobs, Barge all-purpose cement is very much useful in different kinds of industrial elements like rubber, wood, plastic, aluminum, ceramic, glass, fiber, metal and so on.

All in a word this one glue is the solution of all-purpose you require. Also, it works well on the car door or window fixing. So better get one before the stock goes out. There is a special cleaning brush is adjusted with the cap.

It helps to clean the surface and sticks the glue permanently. Though the price is expensive, it ensures maximum feature & performance.


  • Take up to 15 minutes for drying up
  • Work effectively on every type of objects
  • It is called an All-purpose glue
  • Highly malleable and water, heat resistant
  • Easy to apply and expand the life of the materials


  • Highly combustible; it is harmful to health-related issues and safety
  • Not recommended to apply it to adaptable climate condition

5. Biltrite Shoe Repair Replacement Rubber Heels and Soles – Best Glue for Heel Of Shoe Review

Biltrite Shoe Repair Replacement Rubber Heels and Soles  Best Glue for Heel Of Shoe Review

Well, I am now at the end of my review list and I always keep the surprise for the end. My last item is pretty much different than other traditional foremost shoe glues. Super glues are used to seal the damaged or broken parts of the shoe.

But sometimes the broken parts get so tough to fix. Moreover, you can fix it replacing the same thing. In the case of shoes, most of the people according to my experience face trouble on the soles or heels part.

Glues gonna help for a couple of months but again it will go loose. So I would rather go for the permanent solution that will reduce your trouble.

That why I suggest using Biltrite Shoe Repair Replacement Rubber Heels and Soles for your damaged footwear. It is free in size, 3/16 inch thick soles and available in pairs at the store.

You don’t need to worry about the sizes of soles. It’s a free size; you can keep as much as you need and cut the external parts with scissors.


  • Reasonable price
  • High quality and easy to adjust
  • Free in size


  • Easily adjustable in men shoes but difficult for women shoes
  • The heels and soles are too much thick to cut

What is the best shoe glue that works well for repairing your favorite footwear?

If you have confusion about how to get best glue for shoe repair goes for any of the item described up. All of them dries swiftly and makes a strong & permanent bond. Moreover, each item is water and heatproof. You will be ashamed if your sole detached again because your glue melts in water. In such cases cement as I mentioned one in my list and polyurethane works well. There are different types of glue and performance varies based on the surfaces.

  • If your soles damaged highly, then I suggest going for Urethane rubber. It sustains under heat and doesn’t lose easily
  • If you are looking something which can work for every type of surface, then Neoprene cement will the best option
  • In the case of small holes or cut, you may go for Superglue. It bonds permanently within a short time. But you need to care your hands by wearing gloves
  • And the last option is Epoxy glue. It works well-making bonds between metals and other materials

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Step by step guidelines about how to fix the sole of broken shoes

There are a few guidelines you need to follow fixing your broken shoes. This might save you both time & money.

Step 1. At first, make sure to clean and dry the broken places of your shoe. It will help to make the bond quickly.

Step 2. Now put a little amount of adhesive on the broken surface. Do it carefully

Step 3. Next, you need to wait a few minutes. Meanwhile, the glue will stick strongly with the shoe

A Buyer’s Guide To picking up the best glue for shoe liners

There are different sorts of shoe adhesive available but you must have known which one you need. It varies on the types of shoes or surface. Different types of glue work on different types of surface.

Some are specially made for leather, some for plastic and some for all-purpose. SO you must know what your actual damage is. Plus you must look after the elements using the glue before giving any order.

Keeping the all-purpose glue will be the best choice so that you can apply it in different occasions. Sometimes brand value also carries significance when you are intending to fix some expensive items.

So pick up the right and the best shoe glue is always a confusing matter. But it’s not your inability because there is little info about the shoe repairing products and it leads us to the wrong ways.

So I suggest spending some time or taking advice from experts. You will easily find out what you need.

Before going to the actual buying guide section, please have a look at the following things.

Things to draw attention before choosing the foremost shoe glue

Shoe glue and the industrial level adhesive are equal. But people get frustrated by it. So here are the things that draw attention before choosing the best glue for boots.

  • Make sure what types of shoe you need to fix.
  • Whether it is leather or boots, put the right glue in the right place.
  • Second, Check the climate or weather temperature of your surroundings.
  • Generally, shoe glue requires up to 30-degree temperature for drying up properly
  • Third, now look at what type of damage you got.
  • If it is simple you choose any adhesive.
  • But if it is more specific then go for something professional.
  • I recommend picking rubber glue. It is flexible, waterproof & highly effective.
  • Fourth, Avoid that one which fades or stains the color of your shoes
  • And lastly, if you have pets or children or allergic problem then go for something which is non-toxic and natural.

Different sorts of shoe glue cobbler use for repairing your shoe

Based on market research, I found four common sorts of shoe glue are available. Here are the details of them.

Urethane Rubber

Urethane rubber is a type of adhesive which works very effective in repairing damaged shoes, especially on broken soles. It is both heat & water resistant and seals your shoe from getting water inside.

That’s the main reason people prefer this one. Getting water inside the shoe is a very uncomfortable issue, right? Moreover, this glue is flexible and easily sticks over the shoe.

Neoprene Cement

This type of adhesive is known as All-purpose shoe glue. You can use it in different types of materials rather than repairing shoe like wood, paper, plastic, aluminum etc. This paste is adjustable, solid and takes quick drying time. The Neoprene Cement Glue is a very popular decision for shoe repairing.

Super Glue

If you want to see instant result then is no other option except super glue. It contains an extraordinary capability of permanent connection over the surface within a short time.

Like rubber, super glue also works first, cover the leakage and water & heat resistant. But there is a little bit of risk. So I suggest using latex gloves before applying it. Otherwise, it will fall on your fingers and irritates your skin.

Epoxy Glue

Epoxy glue mostly works on repairing or making craft materials and metals. It can also be applicable to fixing shoes or converse. Like Super Glue, here you must take some precautions.

Use gloves before using it. It dries very swiftly. There are different versions of epoxy glue is available. One with fewer quantities and another one is high quantities.

I suggest going for fewer quantities because the slower it dries, the more it sustains.

Buying Guide: Things to be considered before buying the top shoe glue

Here is the list of factors, you must keep in your thoughts

Adhesive performance

Before buying check the performance of the adhesive. If your shoe is made of leather, then you must choose high performing adhesive for your footwear.

Non-mixing glues are more effective than other ones. It can easily make the bond with a short time. Bond speed also relates to the adhesive performance & surface quality.

For instance, leather to leather bonds is much quicker than leather to plastic. So check the package before applying.

Heat & waterproof

Once the glue sticks with the soles, you need to ensure that the bonds will go permanently against any kind of facts like water or heat.


When it is about glue endurance is such an important factor. If you want to avoid the troubles of fixing your sole again and again choose something which will serve yours for a long time.


If you are not a professional cobbler or want something that will help you in your craft project then you need something that flexible and easy to apply. Unless you will mess the whole thing.


And the last one is cost. At first, know your need and fix up the budget. Now search and compare different sorts of products and brands. Never spend much on something you can discover with a similar quality at a lower cost.


Question: Does rubber glue work on woods?

Answer: Yes, rubber glue works smoothly on woods.

Question: Does glue look visible after the place it used?

Answer: No, it dries clearly and becomes invisible. It never effects or fades the real color.

Question: How long glue takes for drying?

Answer: Naturally, shoe glues dry up within three to five minutes.

Question: Can I get Berge waterproof glue in a small container?

Answer: No, I don’t think so.

Question: Can anyone tell about the actual size of Shoe Repair Replacement Rubber Heels?

Answer: Well, it is free in size up to 13 or 14.

Question: Where to get the best shoe glue?

Answer: You can get any of those from the Amazon store.

Final Recommendation:

I am now at the end of my journey about the review of best glue for shoe embellishments. I hope you got the relief from your confusion and easily choose the best one from our review & buying guides.

You simply need to consider every one of the highlights of the things and which is particularly best for your need and task. Moreover, the above shoe glues contain the most elevated rating and the most loved form the customers.

I invest a great deal of energy to get them, and clearly, before prescribing these adhesives I research about essential elements which a shoe glue must comprise.

So you can go for purchasing any of these above with confidence and safety.

I hope you have got the best purchase review!

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