Rowenta Garment Clothes Steamer Built-In Hanger Review

How much can you do to get the just-ironed dress?

Well. I have tried multiple irons to iron the clothes but never become satisfied.

Then the Rowenta Steamer for clothes comes to my hand. And it’s magic! All the unexpected wrinkles, lint, hair, etc. go out of my clothes.

Rowenta Garment Clothes Steamer Built-In Hanger Review

This best steamer for fabric performs better than all those previous irons.

Rowenta steamer appears with excellent design and structure. It has a roll and press vertical support which is very convenient is steaming clothes.

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Besides this, the “Tilt & Roll” system lets you carry the steamer pulling the handle of the steamer moving on with the back wheels.

I will talk more about the structure of this top-quality steamer. Let’s talk about the faster heat up technology.

The 60 seconds heat-up time is almost half of the common brands steamer.

The 1550 watts plus 30 g/min steam power is usable in any kind of garment steaming.

The efficient garment steamer has a largely transparent and removable water tank of 81-ounce water capacity.

When you refill the reservoir or the tank once, you will get more than 60 minutes of nonstop steam.

Even there’s no redundancy in choosing water for the steamer. Rowenta steamer is active with tap water too. So, you can iron your clothes at any time.

The telescopic pole with built-in the hanger is another positive side of this steamer. You can adjust the height of the pole as you wish.

The hanger helps to clip the cloth while you are applying the steam. The flexible hose helps you to reach any point of the clothes.

However, you will feel safe to use this highly effective steamer as it has a stay-cool handle. The whole device is prepared to store it easily.

The indicator light of the foot pedal shows you if the device is turned on or off. You can turn on the device pressing the foot pedal.

You have more things to know about Rowenta Steamer, cheap steamer at the market. Several accessories are available with this clothes steamer.

You get fabric brush to eliminate all the wrinkles. The special lint pad removes any kind of lint, hair or other smallest objects from the clothes.

Steam bonnet prohibits the dripping of water which can stain your fabrics.


  • Tilt and Roll system
  • Built-in hanger with clips
  • Adjustable telescopic pole
  • 1550 watts 30 g/min steam power
  • 81-ounce water reservoir
  • 60 seconds heat-up time
  • 60 minutes steam with one refill
  • Foot operated on-off feature


  • Faster heat-up time than an average steamer
  • Easy to use and convenient design
  • Prolonged service
  • Flexible in application
  • Easy to store
  • Large steam head and hose help to operate well
  • Large water tank for premium services
  • Removes wrinkles and stains easily


  • Pole is a bit short

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can this be used to steam items that are not propped up vertically (e.g., bed linens that are laid out on the bed, sofa fabric, sofa slipcover)?

Answer: Yes, it can, you are just limited to the length of the hose. I think the hose is 6′ +-.

Question: Is yours Brown with brown clips or Purple with white clips?

Answer: Brown

Last Lines

So, you can see lots of advantages of this Rowenta Steamer. Why don’t you have one for regular use? You may get discounts, offers, etc.

Online Just compare the reviews of the customers about the product. You will see how effective this has been.

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