How to Rock the Bohemian Style: Must-Have Dresses and Accessories

Bohemian style is a favorite of many and may never go away. It is an elegant style that speaks simple yet chic and can be rocked by people of all body types.

However, a newbie may be confused about the kind of wear and accessories they need to pull this style off.

This article discusses dresses and items you must-have in your bohemian wardrobe.

So, say hello to your cheat sheet!

And to further sweeten the deal and ensure you nail this style,

we will give ideas on how you can combine the dresses and items to get the perfect bohemian outfit.

You can visit this website to find out how to get quality dresses. This list is barely a pointer so you can come up with even better ideas based on your preferences. Now, below are some bohemian style must-haves.

Midi or Maxi Skirt

Midi or maxi skirts are not merely essentials for bohemian style; they are the essence of the style. You would constantly find yourself turning to them time and again. Do not go over the top with the skirt; ensure it is not extremely poofy, and that the patterns are minimal, it is a lot easier to create outfits from simple skirts.

Leather Sandals

Leather sandals are god’s gift for the boho look. They are light, give the absolute summery feel, and still maintain a fashionable and polished appearance. You can wear leather lace-up sandals with denim shorts and an off-the-shoulder flowy top.

Leather Sandals

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses have tripled in popularity since the 2000s Olsen’s era. Visit here for a list of the Olsen’s outfits you used to and still love. To achieve the bohemian style with a maxi dress, you would have to avoid being too basic. We say yes to patterns, prints, and lace dresses.

  • Wear a denim jacket on a maxi dress for the perfect bohemian casual outfit.
  • Make the dress a skirt by throwing on a distressed sweater over it. Top off the outfit with a neutral color ankle boot.

Knit Sweaters and Cardigans

Sweaters and cardigans are used for a lot of fashion styles. But, to nail the boho look with these items, you need to go for fringed, lacy-knit, and kind of slouchy versions of them. They are great as a layering piece and can be worn in all seasons because of how light they are.

  • Wear a tank and then throw on an oversized crochet sweater, a denim bell bottom is perfect for this look. Complete the outfit with high-heeled neutral ankle boots.
  • For a layered chic look, try on a graphic tee, chunky cardigan, and a mini skirt. Top off the outfit with a boot and a wide brim hat.
Knit Sweaters and Cardigans

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are staples for boho fashion, and there a million and one styles to pick from. You can choose to wear not-so-high heel boots, or you can also opt for a tall one. But, ensure the boot is not too skinny or high. There are certain factors to consider when you go boot shopping. Most of the outfit ideas already discussed were topped off with ankle boots so you can coin other ideas from them.

Ankle Boots

Fedora or Wide-Brimmed Hat

This piece is so essential that we lack the words to tell you just how important they are. They are the absolute best for when you need to effortlessly take your outfit from nice, to very impressive. And can be paired with almost any outfit.

  • For a walk in the park, picnic, fairs, and other similar event, put on a sundress, big sunglasses, sandals, and top it off with a simple straw hat.
  • Skinny black jeans, toe mules (preferably pointed), an oversized sweater, topped with a brimmed hat is the perfect boho chic outfit.
Fedora or Wide-Brimmed Hat

Colorful Prints

Colorful print is that item that adds the worldly free-spirited edge to boho fashion. It is also very easy to style them.

  • Tie-dyes dresses are the current trend and are also very boho chic! You can pair them with platform sandals. 
  • You can try on a crop top, mom jeans, and a kimono with eccentric prints.


If you are looking to change your style into something boho chic then you need to know the items that are essentials for your wardrobe. Leather sandals, maxi dresses, and midi skirts are but a few of these must-have items.

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