Relaxation Fragrances for Your Costco Essential Oil Diffuser

Adding an aromatherapy diffuser to your living space is highly beneficial to your body, mind, and spirit. The benefit of using one of these units are endless. Used as an alternative healing method for many body and mind ailments like anxiety, insomnia, nausea, depression, and headaches, the aromatherapy diffuser can use different essential oils to achieve healing powers.

Fragrances Costco Essential Oil

Depending on the fragrance you use in your oil diffuser, it will achieve different outcomes. Learn more about different essential oils and aromas in this article.

As a guide, we’ve put together a list of all the best relaxation fragrances you can choose from.


Lavender has a sweet scent and has been widely used in relaxing bath products and lotions. It promotes restful sleep and has even been proven to slow down heart rate. If you can’t get your hands on a bunch of lavender flowers, then your next best option is to invest in a concentrated oil.


Vanilla is a scent and fragrance used in different perfumes and even food. The smell itself creates a relaxing effect on the body. Vanilla has been proven to have sedative effects and is therefore one of the best relaxing fragrances. It can reduce restlessness, nerves, and hyperactivity.


If you want to reduce the excess production of your stress hormone, then Bergamot is a great choice. Studies have proven that it can have positive effects on the inhaler’s mood by lowering saliva cortisol levels.

Adding Vanilla, Bergamot, or Lavender essential oils to your essential diffuser will promote sleep and reduce insomnia. If you want to know how to use one of these units to its full potential, follow this user’s guide to an essential oil diffuser.


Chamomile itself has been prove to have anti-inflammatory benefits. Another great advantage of chamomile is that it has naturally calming effects. Those suffering from insomnia can drink a cup of chamomile before bedtime to improve relaxation.

In the same way, chamomile fragrance can improve symptoms caused by anxiety and depression.


The smell of fresh lemon either in the kitchen or in other rooms have a calming effect on the mind. Its fresh citrus smell can combat feelings of anxiety and depression.


Eating oranges can give you a great boost of energy and strengthen your immune system. But did you know that the fragrance released by oranges can actually help with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome?

This fragrance is a great scent to add into a home where a woman is pregnant. The smell reduces anxiety and has a positive impact on the mind.

To reduce stress, anxiety, and depression one can add Orange, Lemongrass, Lemon, and Chamomile fragrances to an essential oil diffuser.

Essential Oil Diffuser


Many yogis and holistic healers use sage to clear the area of any toxic feelings and evil spirits. Smelling clary sage can actually also help to reduce blood pressure and improve breathing. It’s a full rounded and earthy smell that’s great for the respiratory system.


Camphor has so many great medicinal benefits that it is actually FDA approved. Used mainly as a topical cream to provide comfort of pain caused by anything from arthritis to allergic reaction. The strong healing smell of camphor essential oils can ease the pain caused by headaches.

Another fragrance that has the same effects as camphor is Rosemary – another great option for your oil collection.


Another great fragrance to relieve flu symptoms is eucalyptus. To combat that stuffy and congested feeling created by sinus infection, turn to eucalyptus. Add a few drops of eucalyptus fragrance to MOXE diffusers to experience the healing effect on your sinuses and overall breathing.


Menthol is a fresh fragrance that helps to reduce the symptoms of migraines and headaches. By inhaling menthol scents, one will feel a relieve from headaches, especially those caused by tension.

Other great relaxation fragrances you can add to your essential oil collection are Mandarin, Ginger, Peppermint, and Aloe. If you are suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD, anxiety-induced headaches, or sleeplessness, then investing in any one of the above-mentioned fragrances will be something to consider.

When used with an essential oil diffuser, these oils can have healing and calming effects.

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