Recycling for Kids: School, Ideas, Projects


Recycling protects the world from environmental changing and harmful substances like dust.

By recycling old stuff…

One decreases the amount of rubbish that will go to the dustbins as well as saves people from harmful diseases.

Rubbishes are nothing just a dirty bag that spreads bad smells and harmful diseases. It’s our duty to preserve our earth and make a good condition for living. That’s why recycling for kids is very important.

Recycling for kids means to transfer the duties of cleaning the society and earth to the upcoming generation.

Around seven billion people are living on this planet. If each produces four pounds of waste that will end up to 1.5 tons per year.

Now multiply it by seven billion and imagine how much our world is polluting day by day?

From them, 70% contains substantial waste and 2 % is e-waste. Both kills or plant and environment; only kids are something that can transfer these wastages into recycling and make the world better.

80% of our wastages can be recycled into good things. If we teach our kids about recycling benefits and process from the early stage of life, they will keep practicing for the rest of the life. With some easy motivation, our kids can be the part of recycling a better world.


What Do You Mean By “Recycling”?


Recycling defines taking trash or wastages and transfers them into something unique. It enables to utilize staffs more than several times. There are lots of processes of recycling.

Every day we are throwing our trash into the ground and making our planet unsafe. Recycling for human as well as earth since it decreases the utilization of new raw materials. Plus it removes dust from the planet and keeps the climate safe.

Benefits of Recycling With Toddlers

Recycling kids is a very good idea to keep the planet saves from toxic wastage. Teach your kids about recycling from the early stage. And it could be easy if they know the benefits of the recycling process.

Some benefits are given below:

  • Spare energy & natural resources

Energy and natural resources are limited. Most of the energy and natural resources are spending on producing raw materials. If we start using recycling, we can use one item more than several times. It will save both energy and natural resources. Plus recycling requires less cost and energy than producing fresh raw elements.

  • Spare trees and water

Recycling paper products is one of the old processes. It saves more than thousands of trees from cutting down. According to research millions of trees could be spared if we recycle our morning newspaper. Like the tree, water is also a valuable resource. Our life depends on it but every gallon of water are wasted. But this water can be reused in different types of task like the plantation, industrial processing and so on. But this water is not eligible for drinking.

  • Lessing the size of landfills

The percentage of landfills waste has been rising up to 70 percent in the last twenty-five years. It could be worse until the society takes steps to reduce garbage from their cities. Recycling these trashes is the best way to lessen the size of landfills.

  • Reduce pollution

Recycling materials require less energy and cause less pollution to the society. Research shows that 70 % of air pollution and 30 % of water pollution can be reduced by using recycling papers instead of making papers from tress. In the automobile sector, if we start using recycled aluminum instead of steel, it will consume less energy and decrease air contamination.



Some Recycling Ideas for Kids

Recycling is not a hard work. If we concern about our society, some simple ideas can make the environment safe.

Here are some recycling ideas for kids.

  • Decreasing the intention of purchasing, using and throwing way trashes to outside
  • Make a recycle bin at your home which enables to isolate recycling items from junkies
  • Plastic, cans, bottles, papers, glass, aluminum & electronics items can easily recycle. So collect these types of the item as much as you can
  • Make the habit of utilizing or reusing stuff as you can. Example: Reuse wastage water in cleaning household works.
  • Close of water while tooth brushing
  • Disconnect chargers and other electronic plugs if you are not using
  • Keep your Pc shutdown before leaving your room
  • Turn off switches before leaving rooms. These will help to save our energy and resources.

Recycling Fun Facts for Kids

  • Recycling is called the trash removal hierarchy. Lots of stuff can be recycled in different ways. Our scientists come with new ideas of recycling process every day.
  • Recycling is not a new idea. It has been using from our ancient civilization.
  • In collecting metal wastages, magnet works very well.
  • Recycling aluminum products require only 5% of energy than the new one. Aluminum can be recycled from wastage can, pc, car materials, wires and other sources.
  • After the recycling process, glass keeps its own color. It is rare changeable. Moreover, a single ton of recycling glass saves from releasing three hundred kilograms of carbon.
  • Can you imagine only a ton of recycling paper spares seventeen tresses, thousands of gallons of water and deliver less environmental pollution?
  • Recycling goods save energy and natural resources. A single piece of recycling aluminum stuff can save equal to hundred watts of energy.
  • If things are not recycled, it will go to the landfills. Later it creates methane gas and brings the global warming.
  • It takes only a week to recycle glass, plastic bottle or aluminum can.
  • Reusing one glass container can spare 20% air contamination and half less water contamination.
  • Plastic packs and waste tossed into our seas slaughter in excess of 1,100,000 marine well creatures, fish and ocean animals consistently

Recycling Project for Kids

Here I am showing some recycling project for kids.

  • How to make robot by recycling:

It is a very fun recycling project for preschoolers. It proves their intellectual abilities and skills.  Make a robot from unused home elements

Things you need: Soda drinks cover, unused boxes, thick contrast, chocolate containers, and old fabrics, varieties of elements, straws, paper, and pencils.

Project Guidelines: At first collect all of these elements together. The quantity depends on the number of kids taking the participation in the project. The general guideline is to start from the boxes. Gather all boxes by tape or glue and form a design of a robot. Then adjust other materials as per design and your creativity. There are lots of scopes hidden in here. SO if you want to explore yourself just get into it.

Recycling for Schools or Kindergarten

Scholl or kindergarten is the best place to transfer the responsibilities of recycling to the new generation. If students participating in recycling from schools, it enables a universe of learning scope about climate changing issues and its impact. Here I am sharing some recycling preschool theme,

Recycling Theme Preschool

  • Using rechargeable batteries

Using rechargeable batteries is less energy consuming. Studies show that 10 chargers save the energy of nine batteries. If the battery stops working to bring them to the school battery recycling tube. Every school should keep a room for experimenting recycling process for encouraging kids.

  • Work with an eco-team

Some student can form an eco-team to increase the benefits and necessity of recycling things in the school and raise awareness among other students. The team can also survey and audit to measure how much trash is transfer through recycling process every month. It also decreases the amount of unused trash in the school.

  • Recycle old school books

When a student promotes a new class, the book of the previous class goes unused. As only twenty-four books can be formed from one tree so recycle old school books is the best way to reduce junkies. There are plenty of ways you can recycle old school books such as donating books to your area library, charities, and homeless kids. You can also sell old books to some local bookshops and the internet.

  • Recycling bins for schools

Another interesting theme is to set up recycling bins for schools. It will make work easy to separate recycling waste from other trash. Set up recycle bin beside trash bin to attract people about recycling without any extra effort. Put a level over the recycle bin so that others can know what it is and what use of it is.

Recycling Activities for Kids & Preschoolers

Kids love exploring things and have fun. There are lots of funny and interesting activities for kids. Here are some recycling activities that every kid love and enjoy.

  • Flip cereal bins into puzzles to put together
  • Make bubbles from reused water bottles; the bottle can be used in different types of childish game
  • Converting food jar into motor toys
  • Designing sensory bin from old newspaper
  • Some creative kids convert the desert container into the bucket for playing with sands
  • Your kids will probably enjoy playing with old newspaper as a basketball at home
Infographic: Kids’ Tech-Driven Solutions for a More Sustainable World


FAQ: Recycling Questions for Students

Here are some common questions about recycling among students and kids

Question: Can we recycle coffee cups?
Answer: yes, hot and cold both coffee cups can recyclable and compostable both.

Question: Is aluminum foil can be recyclable like aluminum?
Answer: Of course, aluminum foil can be recyclable but it should be cleaned.

Question: Pizza boxes are generally formed of cardboard; should I throw it to the recycle bin or not?
Answer: Any kind of food wrapping paper should be thrown to the compost bin, also pizza boxes.

Question: Which things I should never throw into the recycle bin?
Answer: Following things should not be kept in the recycle bin: garden hosiery, needle, bowling balls, cylinder, aerosol containers, syringes etc. items should not pass into the recycle bins.

Final Words

Now we are at the ending part of our article. We trust you will use this guide in useful ways to facilitate a fruitful recycling program for kids, preschoolers, home, society, school and everywhere. By the participation of every single human, we can raise the recycling program that will make a better world for the living.

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