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The world is getting a waste-factory day by day and recycling is the only way to eliminate this junk-factory to provide our next generation a better world.

It is a great way to contribute to the environment and at the same time through recycling, we are helping ourselves too.

Recycling begins at home and continues up to the level of the factory including Samsung and much more.

As the importance of recycling is increasing with the passage of time, so in this article, I would guide you all to know about different aspects of recycling such as essays on recycling, recycling words, poems, quiz, and vocabulary.

By the time –

You end this article, you would discover that you have become a master over recycling process.


What you are waiting for?

Close all your works and let’s begin the journey.

In this article,

I would take the privilege and honor to guide you through the pros and cons of recycling issues and provide you with the information you have never heard before.

The focus would be given on describing the facts stated earlier and it would be made sure that people, even though he is ignorant of recycling, might acquire some knowledge regarding this burning issue.


Without delaying anymore, let’s begin the journey.


Recycling Essay

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Over a few hundred years have elapsed since mankind have truly started recycling old products into newer ones


The history of recycling is as old as the history of mankind itself. Since recycling is originated with humans very closely so from time to time, many articles and essays on recycling have been written.

Recycling essays are stereotypically categorized in two broad sections.


There are essays that emphasize the importance of recycling to save the world and keep our environment clean and neat.

In this type of essay,

The writer mainly focuses on the importance of recycling and tries to persuade people to recycle more and more from small home utensils to large factory wastages.

Here the writer not only focuses on the importance of recycling but also provides evidence and statistics to show why it is important and what impact it is having on the environment.

Most of the essay in this category focus on waste management, reducing garbage in land and water, the importance of recycling for our environment and saving energy through recycling.


There are essays on various recycling ways. In this type of essays, the writer focuses on various recycling ways which can be easily applied in our day to day life.


The writer provides information about recycling home wastages so that it might help the newbies to recycle something.

It might include,

Making bags from old jeans and creating decorative items using used tissue-box and more such. It includes a wide range of product recycling and is of immense importance to people.

You might try one if you are really a master of recycling otherwise help yourself to read such writings to enhance your recycling ability.

I assure you with a guarantee that you will be overwhelmed by the time you have recycled and reuse something old.


You can only do so,

With the help of these essays that also include this one obviously.

Recycling Quotes

Recycling Quotes There is no such thing as away. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere.


The world is really shifting its focus on recycling and reusing products for a better world. Environmentalists are trying their level best to make people realize the importance of recycling and reusing products.

In doing so with the passage of time environmentalists and people have developed many recycling quotes in order to persuade people to recycle more and more.

Some of these quotes are very serious and informative while some of them are funny but still has the power to move people.

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A large number of famous people, as well as environmentalists, have produced some great quotes inspiring people to take over recycling and reuse seriously. Some of the famous recycling quotes are given below.

“When you put the whole picture together, recycling is the right thing to do”,

This quote about recycling has been quoted by Pam Shoemaker who was an American author and essayist.

Bill Nye who was an American businessman once quoted,

“If you want grown-ups to recycle, just tell their kids the importance of recycling, and they’ll be all over it.”

It focused on how people could actually be turned to recycling.

Another famous recycling quote include,

“If you’re not buying recycled products, you’re not really recycling”

Which was said by Ed Begley Jr.  It focused on how could actually recycled products could be used more and at the same time persuaded people for it too.

Pete Seeger who is a renounce folk singer & social activist quoted probably one of the most significant quotations about recycling. He said,

“If it can’t be reduced, reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold, recycled, or composted, then it should be restricted, designed or removed from production.”

Jerry Greenfield who is the co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream showed the importance of recycling in the business world too as he said,

“Recycling, packaging, businesses are changing all of those things because that’s what consumers want.”

I.I. Gitelson, chief, and founder of  Manmade Closed Ecological Systems probably described recycling best as he once said,

“The paradox of life lies exactly in this: its resources are finite, but it itself is endless. Such a contradictory state of affairs is feasible only because the resources accessible to life can be used over and over again.”

This quotation beautifully describes the importance of recycling to use our limited resources to its best and in doing so, how our life could be made easy.


There are hundreds of quotes that one might find about recycling objects.

All these quotations emphasize the importance of recycling.

You must by this time understand how important recycling is.

Funny Quotes


One might think that recycling is a serious issue and so there would not be any funny comments on it. But you would be surprised to know the fact that there are many funny quotes that actually have taken recycling to a whole new level. It includes-

Reese Roper, a famous joker once quoted,

“ I’m not really very funny, I just keep recycling jokes.”

Although it focuses on different issues it shows the importance of recycling indirectly.

John Sawhill,

Attributed in his The Greatest Guide to Green Living,

“Don’t be trashy. Recycle” Top of Form.

Although these might sound funny, it aims at the significance of recycling.

The issue of recycling is not funny though, remember it.

It is as serious as finding water in Mars is!

Recycling Slogans

Recycling Slogans


Present day world entirely depends on the ability to market anything to the people.
The success of anything depends on how professionally the idea or product has been advertised to the people.


In doing so,

No other thing is better than slogans;

Witty and small. Recycling as it is still gaining popularity among us, so recycling slogans are developing day by day helping people to be inspired to opt for recycling and reuse.

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Some of the most popular recycling slogans are –

“Eat, Sleep, Recycle”

Although it is inspired from a famous quote, it is very much to the point.

“Recycling: The good; the better; the best.”

It displays on how important recycling is to the humankind to save the world.

“Rethink the future: reduce; ruses; recycle”,

This slogan about recycling profoundly displays the significance of recycling in order to save our future for our next generations and at the very same time shows the relation among recycling, reuse and reduction which are all connected in a cyclic order.

People might think that recycling is a waste of times in reality, they could get the newer products easily in the market.


To break this stereotyped idea the famous recycling slogan evolved –

“Recycling: is no waste of time.”

One more famous recycling quote is, “Think green, do recycle.” It emphasizes that if we really want to make our world a greener one for our betterment then there is no alternative to recycling and reuse.


These are some of the most inspiring recycling slogans used all over the world that might help you, people, to get inspiration for recycling.


Why are you still sitting for, start now?



You are going to miss something interesting if you leave now.

Have patience.

Recycling Words

Recycling Words


Our everyday life is surrounded by recycling and reuse. So, the area of recycling is as vast as one could actually wonder about only.


Recycling has a wide range of words associated with it.

Some of the words associated with recycling are given in the list below –

  1. Biodegradable which means products that could be broken into molecules that nature could absorb without any harm.
  2. Conserve which means the preservation of something from overuse.
  3. Garbage meaning the wastage of foods that are thrown away daily.
  4. Trash is often used to refer products made of plastics and metals which have been used and thrown away.
  5. Incineration refers to the wastages that can never be recycled and thus needs to be destroyed through firing.
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Some other recycling words might well include –

  • Rubbish
  • Reuse
  • Composite
  • Re-process and as such.

To be exact,

One can hardly know all the words related to recycling as it covers almost every area of our day to day life and thus has claimed a large portion in the dictionary.

Recycling Poems

Recycling Poems


Poems are arguably the most ancient and effective ways to move people in different issues both positively and negatively.

Pomes create a harmonious rhythm and its influential words help people motivated for a particular issue. The case is no different from recycling.

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Over many years –

Since environmentalists have started emphasizing on recycling, many interesting poems have been written describing the importance and necessity of recycling that covered a wide range of area as well as motivated people turning towards recycling readily and happily.

Some of the recycle poems include –

“Ever wonder

What to recycle?

Water bottles, cans, crayons,

Paper, aluminum foil,

And glass

No matter what, where, who,

And why,

Just recycle,

It’s worth a try!”

This poem was initially composed by one of the grade 4 students in Henrietta Hawes School.

It profoundly describes different aspects of recycling and how a child reacts to it.

It is surprising to discover that this little kid actually composed such an authentic poem on recycling. Sounds interesting, no!

“Say it loud, say it clear,

“Recycle for the World”!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle again “

This is the first stanza of the poem named ‘Recycle for the World’ originally written by a grade five student in the USA that truly displays that people should recycle more and more only to save the world from future disaster.

‘Save Our Earth’ is another poem written by a standard five students which tell-

“To save our earth, there are things we can do

We can recycle old things and make them new

To save our earth, I have this to say

Start living now like it’s always Earth Day!”


Other poems it displays the importance of recycling in order to save our mother earth from disaster.

Although all these poems might have been composed by little kids studying in primary standards, the immense significance of these poems describing the utility of recycling simply can’t be ignored or can you do so?

These poems truly are ingenious to persuade people towards recycling that in turn would eventually make our world a better place to live on through recycle.

Recycling Vocabulary

Recycling Vocabulary


It has been stated time and again that nowadays recycling is associated with us with absolute closeness and it simply can’t be ignored.

As the importance of recycling is on the rise…


The recycling vocabulary has been developing day by day.

Most of these words are quite unfamiliar to us but don’t worry about that.

Here I am going to provide some of the most used words which might help you to understand recycle appropriately.

  • Bottle Bill: It is a law acclaimed in the USA constitution that tells about the deposits of beverage bottles.
  • Consumption: It refers to the process of using natural resources, materials, or finished products to satisfy human wants or needs.
  • E-Waste: It is quite a new term. It describes the electronic equipment that is no longer useful or is obsolete, including computers, and TVs. Among these, many components can be recycled.
  • Landfill: Did you ever saw an almost hill created by the garbage and wastages? You might have seen it most likely. It is a landfill which is a private or municipal site where non-hazardous solid or municipal waste is buried.
  • Recyclable: It refers to describe those products or materials that can be collected, separated, and processed and used as raw materials for new products.
  • Recycling Rate: It is the mathematical calculation of how successful a recycling program is. One method is dividing tons diverted from the trash through recycling and composting by total tons generated (both waste and recycling combined)

There are many other recycle vocabulary. It is actually next to impossible to know the full recycling vocabulary as with the emergence of newer ways of recycling, this vocabulary is being enriched surprisingly.

We might only keep ourselves update regarding this issue.

It must be kept in mind that recycling is related to every part of our day to day life,


It is naturally presumably that the vocabulary would be a huge one. 

Recycling Vocabulary Words

Recycling vocabulary words have been described with brief explanations earlier in this article. Although it has been mentioned earlier for a few times, I would still like to remind you that with every minute recycling is getting updated and so, new words are being included in recycling vocabulary.

It might seem difficult to learn these words, so one might keep a notebook with him and took note of the words every time they heard of a new recycling word. This simple method could well be used to teach students about recycling vocabulary words. As students are young, so they would, with a fresh mind prove fast learner of such recycling vocabulary words.

Recycling Questions & Quiz

Recycling is only getting popular in the last few decades among general people.


There have been many areas of confusion among people regarding recycling issue covering –

  • What is recycling actually mean?
  • What is its importance?
  • What to recycle and what not to?
  • And so on.
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People often get confused over such questions.

In order to drive away this confusion over the time:

Recycling specialists provided with simple tricky solutions – Quiz.

Through these tricky yet simple to understand quizzes have been helping a great deal to solve the confusions. Most of these quizzes are simple, yes and no questions and some of them are multiple choice questions.

Some of the recycling quizzes are given below so that you might test your knowledge too.

  • How many years would it need for a glass to get break down and dissolved in nature?
  • What is the biggest contributor to world wastage?
  • Can you recycle aerosol bottle?
  • What is the top recycling mistake people often do?
  • Can we recycle electronic gadgets such as -personal computer, mobile phones, and such things?
  • Did you ever recycle or reused something?
  • Did you ever inspire anyone to recycle anything?

These are some of the quizzes that are floating around us regarding recycle.

I would advise you to give it a try and if you fail, keep in mind that by the time you come to the end of this article, you might well find answers of all these quizzes.


Stay tuned with us.

Over the past few decades recycling is getting immense importance.


People are quite unsure about it.


Often people ask questions about recycling. Though recycling sometimes seems complicated, it must be as simple as just dropping daily wastages into the bin.

But then again –

What waste and which bin to use for the purpose?

Some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding recycle are-

Question: Is recycling harmful or useful?

Answer: Many people might debate the question but specialist and environmentalist say that there is absolutely no harm in recycling but it is of great use.

Question: What might happen if we put everything in the same recycle bin?

Answer: Back in the past –

We were used to putting everything in the same bin. But modern discoveries have found that these might harm the environment as it generates chemical reactions.

Question: Is it possible to recycle plastic bags?

Answer: Yes.

It is recyclable depending on the local authority. It means that to recycle plastic bag, one needs to know if his local authority allows plastic bags to be recycled. But most likely you might not be allowed as often it included heavy industrial machinery to recycle it.

Question: Who is the leading recycling nation?

Answer: The answer is absolute. It is the USA who is the pioneer and leader of recycling different products. The reason is a simple though. They are the largest consumer country in the world and thus, it is for their self-betterment, they lead in the recycling world.

I hope that these FAQs have helped you to realize the issue better. Feel free to contact if you find further questions that might lead you to confusion.

Bonus: Recycling Across the Globe [Infographic]

Recycling Across the Globe


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Final Thoughts

Recycling and reusing different products have become a burning issue in today’s world. People are getting attached to it more and more.


Subjects like recycling poems, recycling quiz, slogans, quotes, and funny quotes are acquiring popularity in no time.

This article aimed to fulfill all your answers regarding the recycle such as- recycle essays, recycling poems, slogans, quotes, funny quotes, poems, quizzes, and questions.

It is a great pleasure to let you know about different aspects of recycling including recycling words and vocabulary too.

It is of great aspiration to become a media to tell the story of recycling.

It would be wrong to finish without saying – Recycle more, live more; live better.

Happy recycling, happy time!

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