Pursteam Elite Powerful 7-1 Fabric Steamer Review

Pursteam Elite Powerful 7-1 Fabric Steamer Review

Minimizing tasks is always been for me as it saves time and effort. But I am not talking about skipping tasks to minimizing the loads.

Choosing alternative ways can be helpful to do so. Pursteam Elite Powerful 7-1 Fabric Steamer is the best way to make your life easier. It can be a friend while you are on travel.

Usually, a steamer removes the wrinkles, light stains and odors from the clothes. Pursteam has no compromise to its service.

I am here to show you why this one is one of the best portable garment steamers for clothes. Let’s stick to the point.


The Structure

This PurSteam garment steamer is well-designed for better application.

This light-weight steamer for clothes comes in white color with a unique shape and design.

This handheld steamer has the ultra-fast aluminum heating ball or a heating element which provides faster output.

It’s also BPA free ABS/PP so that you can use this steamer for a longer period of time.

Besides this, the brand-new steam channeling design of this device is superior in bursting the stubborn wrinkles.

The Steam

This PurSteam small handy steamer has 180 ml water holding capacity. You can use plain tap water to create the steam to eliminate the wrinkles.

When you plug-in the device with 9-foot long power cord, you are half-way to get just-ironed clothes.

The on-off switch helps to turn the device on and off smartly. However, after turning it on, it will take a maximum of 90 seconds to transform liquid water into steam.

This indicator on the steamer body will show the amount of water inside the steamer. So, you are always blessed with the facilities.

This indicator on the steamer body will show the amount of water inside the steamer. So, you are always blessed with the facilities.

The Efficiency

This best portable handheld steamer is effective in any kind of fabrics such as upholstery items, shirts, pants, suits, cushions, beddings etc.

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You can de-wrinkle various fabrics including beads, cotton, embroidery, nylon, and satin, sequins etc. and so on.

It’s more efficient in traveling as it’s quite small in size. PurSteam steamer is entirely safe on fabrics. It will never stretch or shrink them.

The Safety

There might be safety measures as this is electricity powered garment steamer. But you don’t have to worry about this.

The creative shape of this steamer prevents any kind of water tipping and spilling.

Moreover, the automatic shut-off feature will shut the machine when the device gets overheat.

And the comfortable grip handle lets you put steam directly to the spot without thinking about any unexpected events.


  • Ultra-fast heating element
  • 90 second heat-up time
  • 180 ml of water capacity
  • Unique lightweight design
  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • Comfortable grip handle
  • Water indicator
  • Weight: 1.13 pounds


  • Removes wrinkles, odors faster
  • Sanitizes, sterilize and defrosts fabrics
  • Easy to store and carry anywhere
  • Best option as a gift
  • Faster heat-up saves your time
  • Brings back just-ironed look


  • Sometimes less satisfactory (rare cases)

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I’m looking for something that will work to steam items that are lying flat. Will this do that, or must items be hung?

Answer: Your item must be hanging or it won’t work.

Question: Does this steamer have a grounding plug (3 prongs), and an automatic shut-off?

Answer: It only has two prongs but it does have automatic shut off which is great so it doesn’t cause your device to overheat if you mistakenly left it on.

I suggest not overfilling the device. I haven’t had any problems so far and I’ve had this steamer for over 6 months.

So, it’s your time to choose the most effective steamer for travel. You will find almost all the reviews, comparisons, etc.

positive about the PurSteam Elite Powerful 7-1 Fabric Steamer for home and travel.

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