PurSteam Elite Garment Steamer, Heavy Duty Powerful with Fabric Brush & Hanger Review

If you have a large number of clothes or need to iron clothes every day, you should read this article. 

PurSteam Elite Garment Steamer has strong built quality to fulfill the needs of a Heavy-Duty Powerful Fabric Steamer.

PurSteam Elite Garment Steamer, Heavy Duty Powerful with Fabric Brush & Hanger Review

It has the superior strength to provide 248 degrees Fahrenheit steam that is suitable for any kind of fabric.

However, it’s the best option to select this as the best professional garment steamer.


The structure of this top quality fabric steamer is competitively better than average steamers.

It contains a premium heating element made with 30% heavy-duty cast aluminum.

That’s the reason it can survive and operate normally at so higher temperature.

The handily adjustable hanger helps to steam on the wide-shouldered dresses like a sweater, suit, etc.

Another facility, the handheld steam board removes the wrinkles from the sleeves, pockets, collars of the dresses.

The capacity of this steamer’s tank is almost 61 oz. Can you imagine a garment steamer for clothes having such capacity? This tank is easily removable. So, you can refill it at any time.

Having so much capacity, this Pursteam Elite steamer heats water faster like a top-rated steamer for clothes.

Within just 45-60 seconds, your device is ready to remove the odor and the wrinkles from fabrics.

You can steam up to 60 minutes with just one refill of water.

Let’s talk about steam again. The higher temperature of this steamer (248°F) can be also helpful for a healthy environment.

It can kill all the odor creating germs up to 99.99%. So, every time you steam the clothes, you get fresh, odor and wrinkle-free clothes.

One more thing, this device doesn’t stretch or shrink the apparels. This means you won’t find any damage to thread or fabric quality.

Pursteam Elite Garment steamer is friendly with silk, nylon, beads and sequins, rivets, wool, linens, etc.

The plastic nozzle of the steamer is the crucial reason for this friendliness.

This steamer comes with crease attachments for added facilities.

Dual insulated steam hose and the on-off switch at the bottom part of the steamer assist you in turning the device on and off with full-proof safety.

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  • The cast aluminum heating element
  • 61 oz. tank
  • Heat-up time 45-60 seconds
  • 60 minutes of continuous steam
  • 248°F water temperature (steam)
  • Germ-killing power
  • Weight: 7.2 pounds


  • Professional class wrinkle-busting steamer
  • Hottest steamer at the market
  • Superb performance in heavy-duty operation
  • Excellent structure and facilities
  • Kills up to 99.99% germs
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Large tank for more lengthy durable application
  • Added safety on-off switch for easy uses


  • Some users found a bit less satisfactory with continuous usages

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I am concerned about mold. How easy is it to clean this machine?

Answer: You can drain the water from the bottom. I usually wipe the inside with a paper towel by taking the water tank out.

It is very easy and straight forward.

Question: How do you attach the pole to the base of the steamer?

Answer: You need to remove the twisty tightener. Then push the pole into the hole (I put it at an angle and then forced it in) it’s kind of tight.

Then line it up with the notches on the side and push down. Then put the twisty tightener on top of that.


If you search for customer reviews, user satisfaction or compliments about this PurSteam Elite Garment steamer, you will surely find more positive information.

I suggest you choose this one if you don’t want to buy iron or steamer again and again. Have a safe steaming with this steamer for sale.

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