9+ Best Triplex Pressure Washer Pumps Reviews & Others

Comparison chart of best triplex pressure washer pumps are available for selling in the online marketplace:

The pressure washer is an essential necessity among cleaning products in our home and work area. But this pressure washing is a complex process.


Buying a pressure washer pump is a sensitive issue. You need to consider issues like assessing your necessity, suitable location, pump types, and performance.

In this buying guide,

I am going to discuss all these crucial factors helping you to buy the perfect pressure washer pump for you.

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This guide will help you go through how to buy, where to buy and how to use promo codes, secret codes, install instruction and compare among different top rated, budget-friendly, luxury and best brands.

The Best Triplex Pressure Washer Pumps Reviews and Others

Troy bilt 020344 Pump 2800 psi Power Pressure Washer Water Pump Troy-Bilt 020344 020344-0
  • Quality Aftermarket Replacement With 1-Year Warranty Against Manufacturer Defects
  • Fits Troy-Bilt Models 020344, 020344-0
  • Will Face The Rear of Most Units After Installation
  • For Units with Vertical 7/8" Shaft
AR ANNOVI REVERBERI RMW25G28-EZ-SX AR Rotated Shaft Pump Kit, Triplex Plunger Pump, with EZ Start, 2.5 gpm, 2800 psi, Reversed
  • Annovi Reverberi Triplex residential Plunger pump, 3400 RPM, 7/8" With vertical gas flange
  • 2.2 GPM
  • 2400 psi
  • Revese configuration
  • Power Source Type: Gas Engine
Himore Honda EXCELL XR2500 XR2600 XC2600 EXHA2425 XR2625 Pressure Washer Pump KIT by The ROP Shop
  • Fits Honda EXCELL XR2500 XR2600 XC2600 EXHA2425 XR2625
  • 2400-2600 PSI  /  2.3-2.4 GPM
  • Garden hose hookup w/ 3/8" Female Quick Connect
  • Fits 7/8" Short Shaft Engines 1-1/2" or less
YAMATIC Max 3000 PSI Pressure Washer Pump 2.4 GPM Rear Outlet Vertical 7/8" Shaft OEM & Replacement Pump for Power Washer
  • 💦【Universal Vertical Power Washer Pump】Replacement Power Washer Pump, MAX 3000 PSI / 2.4 GPM / @3400 RPM, top performance at 2800-3000 PSI and fit most Rear Outlet 180 ~ 196cc engine. ※NOTE: This pump is Rear Outlet and only fit VERTICAL 7/8'' SHAFT Small Gas Engine, (Adjust the PSI of the pressure washer pump up to 3000 PSI, from November 1, 2020).
  • 💦【High Quality】This Univeral Replacement Pump based on OEM, direct drive Vertical axial pump fits most 7/8" shaft power washer Vertical engine at 6.5 ~ 7hp (180 ~ 196cc). Provide with highly stable and powerful performance and renew your power washer, and upgarde 30% running time than normal for years washing job.
  • 💦【Easy Start】 Built in for simple & quick cold starts to make the startup a breeze, no need to release pressure before starting engine.
  • 💦【Mounting & Dimension】Equipped with industry standard 7/8" shaft, comes with generic 22mm x 14mm hose connections, also provide with flange bolts, soap hose and keys (Not Include: installation tools such as hex wrenches). ►From main center shaft to each mounting bolt is 4 inches. ►From center to center spacing between mounting bolts is 7 and 11/16 inches, 6 and 3/16 inches, 6 and 7/16 inches. ※PLEASE NOTE: Only fit 7/8" shaft Vertical pressure washer pumps.
  • 💦【COMPATIBILITY 】►Homelite: 308653052, 308653006, 308653093, 308653078, 308653008, 308653036, 308653035, 308653026, 308653058. ►Ryobi: RY802900, RY802800, RY802723, RY8C2700, RY802700A. ►PowerStroke: PS80946, PS80931. ►Husky: HU80709, HU80911, HU80709A, HU80911A. ►Craftsman: 580.752960, 580.752052, 580.752191, 580.752880. ►Briggs & Stratton: 311553gs, 020441-0, 020442-0. ►Simpson: ms60773, msv3024.
AR Annovi Reverberi RMV25G30D-PKG Pressure Washer Pump Kit 2.5 GPM, 3000 PSI, Detergent Tube w Filter,Thermal Relief Valve, Grey
  • Package includes pump, thermal relief valve, and detergent tube with filter
  • Horizontal plunger pump runs at 2.5 GPM at 3,000 PSI and spins at 3,400 RPM
  • 3-piston alternating volumetric pumps for use on cleaning units
  • Thermal relief valve is mounted into the low pressure side of the pump manifold and will vent heat. Shaft direction: Standard.
  • Detergent tube can be used for pressure washer pumps, misting pumps, and Blue Clean pressure washing equipment. Start style: EZ Start
OEM HIMORE 309515003 Pressure Washer Pump 3000 PSI New
  • Fits Honda Excell units with 3/4" shaft only!!! Some Excell units have the 7/8" shaft and this pump will not work!**
OEM Technologies 90029 Replacement Pressure Washer Pump Kit, 3400 PSI, 2.5 GPM, 3/4" Shaft, Includes Hardware and Siphon Tube, for Residential and Industrial Gas Powered Machines
  • Extend the life of your pressure washer: Save money by replacing your pump instead of buying a whole new power washer. This easy-to-install kit is great for power washers that can support 3400 PSI at 2.5 GPM to wash walls, fences, sidewalks, vehicles, and more
  • Easy installation: This replacement pump features a garden hose inlet and threaded M22 connection high pressure hose outlet. The SAE standard bolt pattern that fits most gas-powered pressure washers. Each kit includes a siphon tube with filter, mounting bolts, shaft key, and instruction booklet to get your machine back in action as quickly as possible
  • Skip the Oil Change: This pump features a maintenance-free crankcase so you never have to change the oil. It is manufactured from fully anodized die-cast aluminum for protection against corrosion and sealed to prevent contamination
  • Extended durability: A Thermal Relief Valve (TRV) protects the pump from overheating while in bypass mode. The TRV releases small amounts of hot water and intakes cooler water to prevent overheating and extend the life of the pump
  • Get the right pump for your machine: this pump is designed for gas-powered pressure washers with horizontal engines. Its SAE bolt pattern, hardware, and standard connections make it a great fit for many brands and models of power washers
ATIMA Vertical Pressure Washer Pump 2900 PSI 3200 PSI 2.5GPM Replacement Washer Pump Fit for 308653052, 308653006, AR Great Quality Easy to Instal
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE PACKAGE – Our replacement washer pump comes with everything you need to attach to your pressure washer. Some of the features of our washer pump replacement include a low-pressure deterrent injection, easy-starting valve, thermal release valve and more .NOTE: As this pump won't necessarily fit every model, Please do check the model number or check with us regarding the match. Thank you!
  • SAFETY FRONT OF MIND– We ensured that our replacement pump complied with global quality and safety standards, with features such as a safety valve and a built-in filter. We even included 120ml of oil to extend the longevity of the pump, meaning you get long lasting benefits.We have extended the water outlet of the pump. Please make sure that the direction of your baffle will prevent the pump from being installed.
  • ENHANCED PERFORMANCE– To improve water flow, we increased the flow rate by 0.2-0.3gpm, and in doing so increased PSI to 2900-3200 with a 2.5GPM Flow Rating. This in turn enhances the water pump’s performance and effectiveness.
  • QUALITY YOU CAN FEEL – Our washer pump is comprised of quality aluminum that mitigates risk of long-term wear and tear. And it’s not just the pump itself, but all components of the pressure washer pump repair kit, from hose to mounting flange.
  • EXTENDED INTERFACE AND VERSATILITY-This pump comes with an extended interface, meaning a faster and more efficient means of installation and it can be installed with one hand. Our washer pump also fits most 7/8" Shaft Vertical Crank Pressure Washer Engines for brands including Honda GCV, Generac and Briggs. If you find that your rear axle is short, please add spacers with use your old screws.
  • Since the product will be transported for a long time, it will cause some damage to the outer box, etc. When you encounter such a problem, please don't worry, you can return or inquire through Amazon.

Buying Guide for Triplex Pressure Washer Pumps: It Covers Various Sections-


You Need to Look at These Features at First-

  1. Determine how much pressure and flow of water you need to accomplish your job. Flow and pressure of water are acutely depended upon the size and workload of the pressure washer pump.
  2. You need to know the types of plumbing system you are using in your home as it will determine the type of pressure washer pump you need to buy.
  3. As told earlier, the size of your pressure washer directly influences your water flow, so decide what size will serve your purpose. It impacts with pressure specifications.
  4. Decide whether you need a single or twin pressure washer pump. The single ones come with a single flow whereas twins come with double water flow.
  5. Lastly, you need to asses if you need a universal one or a standard one. Universal ones are automatic working in both positive and negative head conditions and do not require a minimum amount of water flow to start. It is great for open vented water systems. On the other hand, standard ones require around .5-1 liter of water flow per minute to start functioning and work only in the positive head.

Choosing a Suitable Location

You need to consider the installation location of your pressure washer pump before buying one.

Remember that pumps work better for acceleration than pulling water from a source.

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Types of Pressure Washer Pumps

Pressure washer pumps come with two different types-

  • Reciprocating- It uses diaphragms or plungers, and pistons.
  • Rotatory: Is uses gears, vanes, lobes, and screws.


You need to focus on the matters to evaluate the performance-

  • How many outlets the pressure washer pump will need to function fully. It includes taps, sprinklers, hoses toilet cisterns, washing machines.
  • How many outlets will work simultaneously?
  • What is the furthest source of water that will be needed to pump using the pressure washer pump?
  • Is there any inclination or declination associated with it?
  • Does any outlet require more than average pressure to work?
  • Will the noise produced by the pump be an issue to you? Like, will it be placed near to your bedroom or drawing?

You must inquire your pressure washer supplier about all these so that you get the best option available in the market suiting your necessity.


You need to choose a pressure washer pump from a branded and top-rated manufacturer who has the potential to meet all your expected criteria within the economic budget.

You also need to focus on their track experience to move a far distance to ensure hassle-free service.


Washer pumps have various designs. To ensure its performance it is essential to track the history and reputation of the brands of the pump.

Although there are a good number of trustworthy manufacturers providing good quality products,

It is of no harm to ask the pump retailer to elucidate their view as to why buy their pressure washer pump.

How to and Where to Buy

There are many places where you can buy a pressure washer pump.

Online retailers have a wide range of varieties available in their stores.

You can visit their site and know the product specification to know what is suitable for you.

They all have a buying guide and deal with customers with care.

They provide compare option allowing you to select from alternative options after comparison.

Most online stores and shops often come with coupon code, secret code, promo, special, discount, offer, on sale, and discount on the purchase.

All these coupon codes, secret code, promo, special, discount, offer, on sale, and discount on the purchase will ask for your personal information though.

What to Buy

As I have discussed earlier in the buying guide section that you need to focus on assessment, performance, reputation, and location.

After fixing these issues, you need to budget according to the price list depending on whether you want to buy an economical, inexpensive and money-saving one or an expensive, luxury and costly one.

Rest assured that online shops, stores offer top quality, top-rated, best brands starting from bigger to the biggest products.

There are options for the second hand, used and repair products too.

The best triplex pressure washer pump

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

People sometimes get confused while buying a pressure washer pump and often ask a few questions. Here are answers of some such questions-

Question: How does an open centrifugal pump work?
Answer: These pumps use centrifugal force for working and move and pressurize water from the inlet to outlet direction.

Question: What is the relation between pressure and flow?
Answer: The relation between pressure and flow is inverse that is if pressure is increased then flow decreases automatically and vice-versa.

Question: Is there any necessity to change gaskets?
Answer: Yes,

Every-time you take your pressure washer pump for servicing, replace your gasket.

A faulty gasket might cause water liking.

Question: What does the airlock mean?
Answer: An airlock means a large amount of air getting locked and drawn in the inlet side of your pressure washer pump.

It causes prevention of water flow.

Question: Should I grease the bearings of the pump?
Answer: Yes,

You should grease the bearings of a water pump with 2 Oz of grease every 250 hours of service.

Final Recommendation

The pressure washer pump is a day to day used tools for various purposes.

There are numbers of models, brands and manufacturers available each with different function and facility.

I would strongly recommend you to go through the buying guide to decide what type of pressure washer pump suits best for your work.

And feel free to contact us regarding any issues of your pressure washer pump and our team of experts will eagerly answer you. Be happy with the best triplex pressure washer pump.

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