How Pressure Washer Pump Types Can Help You?

Pressure Washers

The pump is the heart of all pressure washers holding the strength to wash or water almost anything and everything.

Unfortunately, most of us know very little about these pressure washer pumps.

So, here I gonna describe the types of a pressure washer with their pros and cons to help you choose the best pressure washer pump for your specific work.


Ultimate Pressure Washer Types

In general, you will find three types of pressure washer pumps depending on the parts that create the speed and velocity.

These are all different from each other and are designed for different types of work.

If you want to know more about them, scroll down the page with patience to know something new.

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Wobble Pumps

These are entry-level pumps with low PSI and GPM. It uses the piston to work and the driveshaft for driving force. 

The drive shaft drives the piston forward and backward to force it to push the water out with high velocity.


  • Runs below 2GPM and 2500PSI
  • 70% efficiency
  • Around 2-3 years lifetime or 400 hours approximately.
  • Quite budget-friendly; 60-110 USD per unit.
  • Due to complex build-up with different parts replacement is not possible.
  • Is considered as a low-performance pressure washer pump.

Triplex Pumps

These are mostly known as triplex plunger pumps. It is a professional grade pressure water pump with extremely high PSI and GPM.

It is also highly efficient and produces a top-notch performance for a long period of time.

It runs with the positive piston action; sucks the water at first and then pushes the water forward with the strokes.


  • Runs with 3000+ PSI and 8+ GPM; ensures smooth flow of water.
  • Has a much longer lifetime compared to wobble pump. Some professionals say triplex pumps run 10 times longer than axial pumps.
  • Provides 90% efficiency.
  • Capable of taking the extreme workload.
  • Quick cool-down technology.
  • Hardly leaks with stationary seals.
  • Easy repairing and parts replacement facility.
  • Much higher price range.

Axial Pumps

These mid-level or intermediate pressure washer pumps are also known as swash-plate pressure pumps.

Its piston spins circling the swashplate to push the water forward.


  • Comes with two variants; fixed and variable.
  • Runs on around 3500 PSI and 5-7 GPM.
  • Has a long-lasting lifespan up to 600-800 hours, 4 years on average counting 3-4 hours of use per week.
  • 80-85% efficiency performance level.
  • Compact size with lightweight.
  • Adjustable swash-plate angle.
  • Takes time to cool down.
  • Excessive vibration has been reported.

These are the basic types of pressure washer pumps. I have high hopes that this information will come handy to select you the best available pressure washer pump within your budget range.

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Nonetheless, one or two physical inspections to your nearby shops would do a great help for you to choose the exact type of pressure washer pump for your specific works.

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