3+ Best Pressure Washer Turbo Nozzle (2020 Reviews)

Obecome Pressure Multiple Degrees Washer Spray Nozzle Tips 5 Pack Obecome Pressure Multiple Degrees Washer Spray Nozzle Tips,5-Pack
5 pack: 65 degrees brass soap nozzle, 0 degrees red stainless steel nozzle tip,15 degrees yellow stainless steel nozzle tip.
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Briggs & Stratton 6195 Quick Connect Turbo Nozzle Briggs & Stratton 6195 Quick Connect Turbo Nozzle
For use with pressure washers up to 3,000 psi, ideal for cleaning brick, concrete and vinyl
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Briggs & Stratton B4847GS Pressure Washer Quick Connect Spray Tips Briggs & Stratton B4847GS Pressure Washer Quick- Connect Spray Tips
Quick-connect spray tips, high pressure tips included are white (40), green (25), yellow (15) and red (0) degrees.
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Simpson Cleaning 80155 Universal 3 Orifice Size Turbo Nozzle for Cold Water 3400 PSI Simpson Cleaning 80155 Universal 3 Orifice Size Turbo Nozzle for Cold Water, 3400 PSI
Fits standard 1/4" qc wand connection, creates a powerful jet of oscillating water.
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It’s the synonym of satisfaction. Getting satisfied over something brings happiness in our minds.

Cleanliness is something like that. And obviously, I am here to talk about pressure washer turbo nozzle buying guide.

This thing is very affirmative in keeping things clean and safe.

Turbo nozzle or spray tips are the boosters and problem solvers of the pressure washer.

This small tool increases the facilities of having a pressure washer purposed to wash the

  • floors
  • walls
  • fences
  • deck
  • vehicles etc.

I will show you what to look for in the best turbo nozzle for pressure washer in this buying guide.

Definition of a Turbo Nozzle

Nozzles are made to work with washer lance. These nozzles have different degree spray options.

This means from which degree or radius you want to spray on the surface.

From zero to forty degrees (4 different degrees based) and another different nozzle are available at the market.

These are also differentiated with 5 different colors.

  • 0° for red 🔴
  • 15° for yellow 🟡
  • 25° for green 🟢
  • 40° for white ⚪

and the other is black one known as soapy-tip.

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The best of these nozzles is the turbo nozzle. It is red in color having a 0° radius spray option.

It can spray water with a full force directly to the surface.

It is mostly used in cleaning hard surfaces, vehicle body etc.

Any type of stubborn stain, marks, dirt, grease, grime etc. is easily washable with the turbo nozzle.

How Does It work?

You can make sure what you actually want to clean with a pressure washer turbo nozzle. A rotary turbo nozzle can spray water in a 4-8 inches circles.

The spin rate of the nozzle is maximum at 3000 rotations per minute.

Can you think about that?

The rotation and the structure of the turbo nozzle help you spray at the correct spot wherever you want to. Rotary turbo nozzle creates a spinning water jet. This jet smashes the dirt and grime from the tough surfaces.

You can get the actual look of the surface after washing them using the top-quality turbo nozzle.

The alga covered wall, dusty floor, sticky car body, etc. are not really acceptable at all.

But when you attach the turbo nozzle with the pressure washer spray lance, things get easier to clean them.

The small hole on the top of the nozzle increases the regular speed and the directness of sprayer.

This thing cuts the whole washing time into half portion.

Why Turbo Nozzles?

Most of the times we ignore the corners of the house surroundings.

Even we forget to think about the fences of the garden, exterior wall or the boundary wall cleaning.

But we can’t clean them properly with using our hands. Scrubbing can clean the surface. But not as expected. So, what shall we do?

The cheap high rated rotary turbo nozzles for home is the effective solution to this. Any kind of dirty build up is easily removable with the spray of turbo nozzles.

Turbo nozzles can be used in residential and commercial sectors.

In the cultivation sectors, most of the time we may require cleaning the tools properly.

Pressure washer with turbo nozzles can easily remove the dirt, mud etc.

Not only in the cultivation sector but also in any kind of business areas, you can utilize the turbo nozzles.

How to Choose?

So, you have got the definition, types, application etc. of best top rated pressure washer turbo nozzle.

Are you buying a high-quality turbo nozzle to ease your task?


I have something more to tell you.

A quality nozzle can be identified through its

  • structure
  • performance
  • price etc… matters.

The orifice size varies from different manufacturers.

In general,

larger orifice sized turbo nozzle has increased capability so that you can spray more water at the same time.


the GPM will be lower than less size orifice.

On the other hand, if you want increased GPM, then you need to choose the small-sized orifice-based turbo nozzles. A 3.0 orifice size of pressure washer nozzle is suitable for less than 2400 PSI pressure washer. Usually, this type of nozzles is used in commercial space.

Semi-pro pressure washers can be used with 4-5 size orifice. These pressure washers can spray water at 3500 PSI. You have to think about the material thickness while using semi-pro grade pressure washer turbo nozzle.

The higher PSI based pressure washers require any size rotary nozzles. But the structure should be stronger. Otherwise, you won’t get the appropriate result.

When you are buying a turbo nozzle for your own pressure washer, buy it depending on your cleaning surface structure, size or type.

As most of the pressure washers we use at home are of low-mid PSI, we can buy the 3-4 orifice sized nozzles.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the pressure washer turbo nozzle buying guide,

Question: How many types of turbo nozzles are available?

Answer: Actually, nozzles are generally found in 5 or 6 types based on the radius.

Among them, 0° red colored nozzle is known as the turbo nozzle. This nozzle is used to spray water straight to the spot at full speed.

Question: Which orifice size will be best for home use?

Answer: It depends on the pressure washer you use. 3-4 size is common in household pressure washers.


It’s time to decide what to choose and what not to. Check out the customer’s reviews to know the product’s advantages, specifications, economic benefits, etc.

Many websites offer discounts, coupon codes while you are looking for one.

I would suggest you choose one that is in your budget and suits your pressure washers.

This buying guide of pressure washer turbo nozzle will be your friend indeed.

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