OXA Smart 1000W Ultra-Compact Handheld Garment Steamer, Lightweight and Perfect for Travel & Home Review

OXA smart steamer! How long can you wait for making your steamer ready to de-wrinkle the clothes? 2 minutes? 1 minute? 30 seconds?

Well! I have a surprise for you. OXA Smart 1000W Ultra-Compact Handheld Garment Steamer can do that in just 20 SECONDS. Yes, it’s 100% true.

OXA Smart 1000W

This is the fastest steaming devices to use on any kind of fabric in the market.

You may have seen this name in many comparison lists. I am here to announce to you.


The Most Powerful Steamer is OXA Smart Steamer

Definitely, there are few portable handheld steamers can get ready in less than 30 seconds.

OXA claims that you can get hot steam so fast that wrinkles and odors will go out of clothes in a blink.

The 1000W powerful steamer performs like magic. But the performance is never compromised.

Once you turn on the device, you can get a large amount of steams.

Small, Lightweight, Mighty Steamer

OXA handheld steamer is superb in its design. It is designed to ally you especially on the tours.

It’s small in size, light in weight (850 grams only) but amazing in service.

The design of this best steamer for clothes doesn’t require any heavy, redundant ironing board like the traditional steamers.

It has a steady grip with a helpful handle which allows you to steam on the point exactly.

Effective on Fabrics

You may think it is safe on fabric or not. The answer is, OXA Smart 1000W steamer is suitable for all versatile fabrics like silk, cotton, regular organic fabric, wool, nylon blends, linen, polyester, and embroidery, etc.

You can even steam the bed sheets, cushions, curtains, etc. too. Even this hot steam of this steamer won’t harm the quality of the clothes.

Rather your clothes will be wrinkle and bacteria free. You will get a fresh just-ironed look from the clothes.

The fabric brush having six outlets gives you steady stay-free steaming. Another lint brush is to make your clothes feel like newly bought and just-ironed look.

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Safe on Fabrics

OXA steamer doesn’t only sterilize the clothes but also provides you safety steaming.

Once you fill in water in the steam and turn on, you can steam up to 6-8 minutes at a stretch.

It has steam push-button to reduce the uses of water and energy. You can control the flow of steam with this button.

Actually, there won’t be any puddle or water-spill for the nozzle design.

The automatic shut-off feature turns off the thing automatically when it gets overheated or run out of the water.

However, if you are looking for the high-quality, top-rated handheld portable steamer, you should select this one.

You can store or carry steamer in your travel bag easily. So, why would you wait anymore? Check out the reviews, customer satisfaction and advantages of the steamer.

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  • Lightweight, ultra-compact
  • Smart handle with a steady grip
  • 1000W power
  • 20 seconds heat-up time
  • 6-8 minutes run with one refill
  • Weight: 850g


  • Fastest heat up time to save your time
  • De-wrinkle and sanitizes fabrics
  • Friendly on fabric items
  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • Comes with 2 brushes: fabric and lint brushes for complete steaming
  • No spill or puddle of water
  • Easy to store or carry


  • Not recommended for heavy-duty steaming

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you have to plug this in or is it cordless?

Answer: Please kindly note that you need to plug it.

Question: How well does it work on getting wrinkles out of jeans?

Answer: Works great and love it, meets all my needs.

Question: Will this work on a lightweight wool suit without damaging it?

Answer: Yes. I used it on a piece of clothing just like that.

OXA smart steamer!

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