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When you think of Gran Canaria, the first thing that comes to mind is that it’s just like a small continent. There are plenty of things to see and a plethora of experiences to try out. When it comes to the Canary Islands, this is the place that’s full of diversity, as well as a wide range of activities that will take your breath away.

The first thing that you have to know is that the Atlantic surf is on the west. This connects to the north side of the island, and that gives it a green appearance. The reason why it’s called a miniature continent is that every side of this place has a different climate. Click here to read more.

It sounds weird, but it’s true. For example, if you want to travel the entire place on foot, this will involve quite a bit of hiking. For this, you need a lot of equipment and layers of clothes. You should bring both summer and wither clothes, and the layers need to be easy to remove and replace.

As you go from one place to another, it could get a couple of degrees warmer or colder, depending on the side you pick. When you get there, you can see the historic buildings, enjoy the beaches, or dance your heart away to the beautiful music.

There’s something for every single person that chooses to visit. It doesn’t matter if you come solo, as a couple, with your friends, or with your family. You’ll have a great time. Here are some of the best things to do. 

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See The Highlights

See the highlights

Because this place is filled with different things to see, your first choice should be a highlights tour. This is the start of every journey since you get to take a look at everything. First of all, you’ll start at the southern resorts, and then you’ll move upwards to the north.

The capital is called Las Palmas, which will remind you of palm trees. There’s also a promenade near the seaside as well as the most beautiful beaches. After that comes the surprise. There are tons of banana estates, and you will see how the trees and plants grow.

It might be weird to see bananas that aren’t ripe, and they taste different too. In the end, you’ll get the chance to see a rum factory. It’s in the Arehucas. The tradition for making this drink dates back all the way to the 1500s, and it’s one of the customs that has endured.

When you taste it, think of all of the pirates that have gone through the same waters. Lots of battles have been fought for the liquor that you’ll be drinking. Its sweet and savory taste will go down like a soft drink, and you will want to try some more.

Then, the excursion will go to see one of the most beautiful basilicas in the world. It’s called the Basilica of the Virgin of Pino. It was created for the saint of the island. Then, you’ll have some time to stroll the road and see the architecture.

The things that will spark your interest will be the courtyards and the balconies. They’re distinctive, and they were made in the post-colonial period. As you walk through, there will be plenty of different gardens, terraces, and fountains. If you feel like exploring, there are caves that you can see which are near the town of Valleseco.

Much to your surprise, you will see that some of those dwellings are still inhabited. Plus, if you want to look at different flowers and plants, this is the place for you. The entire excursion goes through more than 1000 meters in height, and you will see plenty of different sights filled with local plants, ferns, fennels, and Canary Pines. 

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Go to the Aquarium

Go to the Aquarium

There is only one aquarium on the entire island, and it’s called Poema del Mar. The literal translation of that would be “the poem of the sea.” It’s a great way to call it. It’s relatively new, and that means that there is a wide variety of species that can be explored.

When you go in, it will feel like you’re a part of a documentary that’s narrated by David Attenborough or Morgan Freeman. The entire feel is eerily similar. There are so many attractions that will steal your attention, so make sure that you have your phone in your hand to take pictures.

The name of the place is also based on a painting by Nestor Martin, which is still exhibited in the museum, so you can check that out too. 

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Visit the Archaeological Park and the Museum

Visit the Archaeological Park and the Museum

Gran Canaria has a long history, and the Cueva Pintada Museum is the way to experience it. There is also an archeological site nearby that will make you feel as if you’ve been teleported back in time a few centuries. Most of the remains there are from the colonial period.

During the Middle Ages, Europeans wanted to conquer the world. It was a race to see who could explore and colonize more of the planet. That’s what lead to the discovery of America too. However, in the park, you can see traces of what had happened before the Spaniards came.

There are plenty of geometric patterns and forms inside the caves. Most archeologists think that they are somehow connected to lunar and solar calendars. You can visit Gran Canaria location de voiture for more info.  Every ancient civilization had a way to represent daylight savings time and when the correct time to plant crops is.

There are also some markings that represent sacrifices to the gods, which is a ritual that was performed in every civilization. The best thing about this site is the accessibility. It’s right in the center of the town, and the locals are proud of it.

There are different tours that will tell you more about the history of the people that lived there. The museum has an old side too. It’s been renovated and reconstructed to highlight the newly excavated sites.

There are plenty of uncovered ruins and homes that were extracted by the archaeologists. The tours inside last for an hour and a half, and you can listen to them in four different languages. That could be French, German, Spanish, or English. 

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Embark On A Cruise

No journey to an island is complete without going on a cruise, even if it’s a short one. The name of the most popular Turkish gulet is Aphrodite, and it’s been transformed into a party ship. You can get on it by going to the Puerto Rico resort, and it will take you on a gorgeous journey.

However, you will also get the chance to taste true Canarian food. The best meal to chow down on is the baked potatoes with a spicy sauce. If it’s too spicy for you, try asking for a mild version and then wash it down with some beer, coffee, or wine. Whatever you choose will taste amazing. 

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See the Santa Ana Cathedral

This is a majestic building that was built more than 300 years. The first people that started working on it were from the 1350s, and the construction was finished in the 1750s. That’s a lot of time devoted to a single building. It’s enormous, and it emanates beauty everywhere.

The windows are made from stained glass, which makes the inside look even more colorful than it already is. The sunlight that goes in shows-pleasant lights inside, and this is one of the best examples of the Gothic style in the Atlantic.

The columns nearby resemble the palms that used to stand on the same spots, and there are also a few houses nearby. Inside the cathedral, you can take a look at some of the best paintings of Juan de Miranda. He was quite a famous painter in the 17th century, and he loved this place.

There are a couple of other museums nearby those host religious items. That includes holy art pieces, ornaments, manuscripts, books, sculptures, and relics. If you plan to visit this place in the summer, then everything will smell like oranges.

Plus, you can look at the entire city from above. Even the seashores can be seen from the top of the bell tower. You should note that to get there, you must take the elevator.

Take A Camel Ride

Riding camels is always fun. There are sand dunes that were designated as a natural reserve, and the government stopped the construction of hotels that were supposed to be there. To see the dunes from the bottom of Avenida Tirajana is the best perspective.

The best place to experience this is on top of a camel’s back. There are plenty of excursions that offer this, and it will feel just like you’re in the deserts of the Sahara. It’s a sensation that can’t be explained, and it must be felt. Try a few of these adventures and create some new memories. 

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