Laminate Floor Cleaning & Care Tips

Cleaning of a laminated floor may seem easy on the surface, but that does not mean that one should clean them the same way other flooring types are cleaned. The cleaning of laminated floors requires special care when compared to the hardwood surface.

Any interior surface that is made of a material with a water-based or non-soluble base is susceptible to water absorption.

Hardwood Floors

However, the base of a laminate floor is naturally dry and is not subject to water absorption. Like vinyl or solid wood floor, the liquid stays on the floor when in direct contact with the floor. 

Taking care of these floors requires special care so as not to damage or replace the floor often.

If you have laminate floors, then you might want to know the right cleaning and care tips for keeping the laminated floor clean. 


There are lots of ways of cleaning laminate floors that are easier and more effective than conventional ways of cleaning laminate floors. Here we would be looking at some easy to use tips in cleaning laminated floors

Tips in Cleaning A Laminated Floor

When cleaning and caring for laminate floors, it is important to take the following important steps. 

Use A Damp Cloth

Make sure that you regularly clean the floor by running a clean damp cloth over the entire surface. Then, vacuum or mop the floor with a wet mop or broom. Now, follow up by using a vacuuming product that is designed specifically for laminate floors.

You will find that removing moisture from a laminate floor can be easier than you think. Laminate floor cleaner with the right powder should be mixed with water and applied gently to the floor. The powder can be found at home-supply stores.

A Vacuum Cleaner

Moisture isn’t absorbed well through a laminate floor, as a result of the natural dryness of the surface. A vacuum cleaner should be used for cleaning.

A wet mop or broom should be used to spread the cleaner out over the surface. Then, try to vacuum the floor after. Many experts recommend that the vacuum should be attached to a high-end, motorized vacuum stand.

floor vacuum cleaning

Cleaning Solution

Another top tip for cleaning and care tips for laminate floors is to avoid using cleaning solutions that have sodium hydroxide. Even with these solutions, it is important always to remove these solutions from the surface of the floor.

Double Rollers

Another thing that you should know is the term ‘double rollers‘. A person using this method is trying to clean a strip that has a different surface than the surrounding area.

Instead of trying to clean only the top part of the board, he is trying to clean both the top and the bottom side. This can be done by tilting the direction of your rollers and then moving them.

Light Foam

Another way of cleaning a laminated floor is to use a light foam. Basically, if you have laminate floors that are made of real wood, then you should try to use a light foam.


if the rest of the floors of your house are made of metal, then you should use rubber foam. What happens is that the foam is sticky, so if you rub it with a cloth, then you can remove the glue from the foam.

The idea is to put some liquid water and leave the cleaning on the tiles. This can be used for cleaning the tiles of laminate floors.

For a foam,

you should also try to use a stiffer brush that you can use to do the same. You can also try to apply some harsh detergent on the flooring and leave it there for some time.

Things to Note When Cleaning A Laminated Floor 

  1. First, you should check all the different kinds of chemicals that are present on the flooring. You can try to find out if there are any chemicals that are harmful. 
  2. Another thing that you should know is that if you need to apply some abrasive to the flooring, then you can use ordinary flooring brushes. There are also special brushes that are made specially to remove chemicals from laminated floors.
  3. It would be best if you also tried to keep your floor free from any little crumbs. You should make sure that you are not crumpling up the floor because this might damage your flooring. Instead, it would help if you tried to slide your vacuum cleaner over the floor once in a while.

Pros & Cons of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring pros cons


These are just some of the easy steps to ensure that your laminate floor will maintain its durability and life expectancy.

If you would like to do a bit more in terms of maintenance, there are specific products available that you can purchase to help you with these maintenance jobs.

Another important process is to clean all of the hardware. Make sure that the nails, screws, washers, and other screws that are connected to the sub floor are in place.

Otherwise, your sub floor is at risk of becoming damaged.

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