J-2000 Jiffy Garment Steamer with Plastic Steam Head Review

Would you like to wear wrinkle-free suit or dress every time?

The answer is always positive. Because, clean attire provides confidence, courage and a strong impact in any presentation.

Cleaning the garments becomes more flexible and comprehensive when you choose the best steamer for clothes.

Jiffy is a dominant name in the market of top-quality garment steamers.

I am here to describe the definition of a good steamer like Jiffy J-2000 for your better acknowledgment.



Warm steam helps to smoothen the fabric and making them wrinkle-free.

Not only the daily clothing, but a garment steamer can also clean cushions, curtains, sofa, tablecloths, etc.

J-2000 Jiffy garment steamer is full-sized garment steamer. It’s one of the most popular steamers for garment cleaning right now at the market.

It’s full of all necessary features that can perform any light to heavy duty steaming tasks.

It’s obviously better than handheld or travel clothes steamers.

Jiffy garment steamer is a quality alternative to the ordinary irons for clothes.

This J-2000 model can make your clothes ready within less than 120 seconds.

The heat of the steam never damages the fabric rather it helps to smoothen and bringing just pressed look. Let me talk more about this:

The Design

The design is the first thing we look for while buying the best garment steamer for clothes.

J-2000 steamer comes to you with a pretty simple but smart design.

In the down-part of the steamer, you will see the actual device containing the reservoir which holds water to steam.

In the upper part, a long flexible hose is connected to the reservoir have a plastic handle and steam head.

The caster-wheeled design of this fabric steamer is convenient in moving to the right spot.

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The Proficiency

1300 watts!!!

Yes, J-2000 garment steamer has superb efficiency of 1300 watts of steam power.

The solid brass heating element of this steamer can heat the water within moments.

The long 5.5 feet plastic hose with 6 inches steam head helps you to reach any drapes, clothes and fabric items.

The length of this hose is bigger than almost all regular garment steamers. The heat of the steam remains unchanged till almost two hours.

So, you can clean massive items of clothes with moving the hose easily.

The Reservoir

Portable or handheld steamers have a very small container of water. They are good for a small number of clothes while you are on travel.

But when you are at home, J-2000 garment steamer is best for you.

The large water reservoir of a ¾ gallon (2.84 liters or 96 ounces) is competitively enough to remove the wrinkles and odors from the clothes.

This is enough if you want to use this device for cleaning clothes of a business organization too.

With a single refill of water, you can use this steamer for almost an hour. You don’t need to refill the reservoir again and again.

Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of this J-2000 Jiffy garment steamer with the plastic steam head:


  • Large ¾ gallon reservoir for heavy duty application
  • Caster-wheel based design to move easily
  • Long 5.5 feet lick-proof plastic hose for a smart approach
  • 6 inches plastic head for improved performance
  • 1300 watts steam power
  • Heats water within 120 seconds
  • Runs almost an hour with a single refill
  • No chance to shrink or stretch the clothes
  • Easy to store



Question: Do you need the metal head?

Answer: The metal head acts as a steam iron, while the plastic head won’t.

It’s a great option if you never iron, but occasionally need to flatten the placket of a shirt, the hem of a skirt, or pant cuffs.

Question: Can this be used on bare floors such as linoleum or wood?

Answer: No. This is only a garment steamer. For floors search floor steamers instead.

The Final Verdict

There will be hundreds of garment steamers available. But not all of them provides full support for their purposes.

J-2000 Jiffy garment steamer with plastic steam head completes all of them.

The smartness of this device is excellent for making your clothes ready without any disgusting wrinkles or odors.

Just look for the price, reviews, comparison, offer, discount, etc. before purchasing this superb garment steamer.

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