Is Oak Good For Cutting Boards? Know Before You Cut Anythings

Cutting Board

Nowadays, cutting boards are found in every kitchen.

Interestingly, people often ponder around to choose the right wood to make their cutting boards. While doing so, I have seen many people asking if Oak is good for cutting boards.

After passing some hours on the net, I found the ultimate answer.


Oak is fine to build your boards. Oaks are hardwood and contain a high amount of fiber and have greater density too. These features made it a strong contestant for cutting boards.

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However, they are strongly hard, which makes provides the board a longer life but makes it hard for you to shape your cutting board.

Nonetheless, Oaks hardness presents you great durability and, it is the precondition of any wood to be considered as a cutting board element.

So, I am voting for Oak. Three cheers for Oak!

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