How to Choose an Inexpensive Espresso Machine

The myth that with a limited budget you will have to forget about multifunctional espresso machines has long been a thing of the past. The so-called economy segment, which is ideal for home or small offices, is being developed by almost all leading manufacturers, releasing the whole series of inexpensive devices.

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This allows you to choose budget espresso machines for the home, which almost do not lose anything in functionality, without unnecessary over payments.


How to Save on Price, not Quality

Understanding what you can safely save on when choosing a espresso machine allows you to purchase an inexpensive device with an ideal price-performance ratio. For example, a good and inexpensive home espresso machine can cost as much as an expensive espresso machine. At the same time, the functionality of the device will not go into any comparison.

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There are a number of features and functions that do not have any impact on the taste of drinks and the usability of the appliances. They can be excluded by choosing a cheap espresso machine for the home. What exactly is at stake, read on.

Body Material

Most manufacturers use metal or plastic to create the case. Almost all inexpensive home models and the budget segment are made of plastic. In fact, well-known manufacturers use very high-quality materials, so in most cases, wear over the years will occur in the mechanism, and not in the case. Do not miss:

But the difference in price is quite significant, with the same possibilities, it can be up to 30%. The only thing that is undesirable to save on is the drip tray grate. It is preferable that it is made of metal

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Unused Functions

In most cases, the functionality determines the price. The more options a espresso machine has, the more expensive it will cost. When choosing inexpensive models for the home, some features can be completely useless if they are not useful in the business.

  1. Connection to the water supply – in the home, this option does not give any advantage, but considerably increases the cost of the coffee machine;
  2. Remote control – brewing espresso by poking a button in the application is very convenient, but within the home it is rather a useless “toy” that greatly increases the price;
  3. Touch and expensive displays – the espresso machine’s bright panels and touch controls can impress the buyer, but for the home, these options play almost no role.

Cappuccinatore Type and Milk Container

The ability to create any kind of drinks, especially with milk, in one click is quite attractive. But if we are talking about reasonable savings, then it makes sense to look closely at models with a manual cappuccinatore. With it, any budget espresso machine for espresso beans will cost significantly less, even with all the other functions.

This also applies to the integrated milk container, which significantly increases the price of the espresso machine. The removable milk tank does not offer any tangible benefits when used in the home kitchen.

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Best Budget Models

To make the best choice, it is not necessary to independently study the characteristics of hundreds of models. The rating of inexpensive coffee machines for home 2020 already includes an analysis of the most functional, inexpensive and high-quality models from the budget category, which will be the best choice

Espresso Machine Under 300

Bosch Tassimo SUNY

Nice and cheap espresso machine for the home. At a cost of 3500-5000 rubles, it allows you to prepare almost all types of drinks

More reliable than comparable low-cost Krups model. The disadvantage of the espresso machine is the use of capsules. At high consumption, the total amount spent on capsules will be very significant. Such dependence on capsules makes it impossible to save.

Espresso machine under 500

Delonghi ESAM 3000.B

Automatic type. One of the best options when you need to choose an inexpensive espresso machine for your home. It excludes all the “bells and whistles” that increased the cost (like an electronic display), but at the same time the inexpensive ESAM 3000.B is almost in no way inferior to the older models of the line.


This is a great choice if the lack of a display and manual control are not a disadvantage for you.


  1. Supports the use of beans and ground coffee.
  2. Has all the basic functions (control of strength, portion size, pre-wetting, etc.).
  3. Supports preparation of drinks with milk (manual cappuccino maker).
  4. Allows you to cook 2 portions at once. The grinder allows you to adjust the degree of grind. Has a cleaning system.

Philips HD

The youngest model in the brand’s line of automatic espresso machines. Good for home use. It is Delonghi ESAM’s main competitor. It has almost the same set of functions, although it is slightly inferior in size to the coffee tank and the water tank. The conditional disadvantages include the absence of a display (manual control) and a manual cappuccino


  1. Wide range of drinks (including dairy);
  2. Nice design;
  3. The ability to prepare espresso for two portions at once; adjustment of strength, amount of water in a portion.

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