9+ Indoor Plants That Will Give Your House A Beautiful New Look

When you move into a new house, you are constantly looking for ways to make it look more presentable and pretty.

When, after spending big bucks on building your new house,

You aren’t left with much to spend on fancy furniture and are looking for a budget-friendly way to breathe some new life into your house,



It’s time to call in the green cavalry. Plants are the only interior decoration items that will not only make your house look good but will also make you feel good.

Having plants in your house has incredible health benefits.

According to a study by NASA, plants have been shown to effectively filter the air inside houses making sure that people in the house are breathing in the clean air even if the air outside the house is filthy. Plus think of all the money you’ll save on air fresheners once you bring plants home to make it smell like a garden.

If you have seen the green appeal, then here are ten plants that will make your house and your lives better.



1. Aloe

Aloe has so many amazing benefits that it might be hard to fit them all into one paragraph.

There’s a reason that the plant is known as the

  1. Plant of immortality
  2. The medicine plant

If you do not give enough attention to your plants, then the Aloe Vera plant is the perfect solution for you. This plant is very hard to kill and lasts longer. This low maintenance plant can also be the answer to many of your remedies for treating minor burns to the hydrating dry skin.

Studies have proved how beneficial the Aloe Vera plant is for humans. Aloe plants need to be kept in direct sunlight so they can be a good addition to your side table and keep purifying your air so you can breathe nice and easy.

2. Calathea

You will never find a more beautiful plant to decorate your house with than a Calathea plant.

The Calathea plant with its

  • Purple
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Red

Leaves will instantly brighten up any room that it is put in. You only need to water it once a week with a little water and it needs to be kept out of direct sunlight so its beautiful leaves do not fade.

That means that you need to put in minimal effort to care for the plant while still reaping amazing benefits from it.

This plant is perfect for your living room or bedroom, where it can add a pop of colour to any side table or act as a beautiful centrepiece for any table.

3. Jade Plant

Jade plant is one of the most widely found plants in the homes of people all over the world.

You may know the Jade plant by its other colourful moniker

  1. Money plant
  2. Dollar plant

The plant has thick leaves and branches which provide a nice visual aesthetic to your room. The plant has incredibly slow growth and thrives at room temperature.

The Jade plant has the reputation of being the money plant due to its status as a symbol of good financial health in Asian culture.

Whether or not that is true, who doesn’t like a low maintenance beautiful plant that might make all their financial problems go away?

4. African Violet

The African Violet has cemented its place as one of the most popular and likeable houseplants in the world.

Not only does this plant have mesmerizing purple flowers but you will not need an air freshener until you have this plant around. This plant has the perfect package of not only looking amazing but also giving minimal hassle to anyone who owns it.

All this plant needs is some moist soil and indirect sunlight to keep your house looking bright and beautiful. Besides its beauty as an ornamental plant, this gorgeous plant also filters the air in your house making sure that every breath you take inside the house is free of toxins.

5. Kalanchoe

This beautiful plant blooms vivid red flowers and is the perfect addition to making any room look colourful.

This succulent’s beautiful bell-shaped flower grows with very little care and in the harshest of weathers.

It does not matter if it’s too hot or too cold, the plant will still thrive and bring colour into your life.

Much like the Aloe vera plant, the Kalanchoe plant has incredible health benefits. The leaves and juice from this plant can be used to treat everything from back pain to warts.

It can even be used as an analgesic or a painkiller in certain circumstances.

6. Begonia

The Begonia plant blooms one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Just imagine how gorgeous would any of your rooms look once this plant is placed into that room.

You can even build the whole theme of your room around these flowers because once you have these adorned in your room you won’t need anything else to make it look pretty.

The flowers of this plant come in a variety of different colours and foliage.

These plants require very less water and you won’t ever need to get to worry about these plants even if you go on vacations. Overwatering is one of the worst things you can do for this plant so just treat them with a light touch of water.

With just a little care, these plants will keep filling your house with their exquisite flowers.

7. Peace Lily

If you want a plant that makes sure that you are breathing in clean air while still looking completely beautiful in your living room,


The Peace Lily is the perfect plant for you.

The Peace Lily is one of the most effective plants for indoor air purification and makes sure that your air is always filtered and free of toxins.

The plant blooms white flowers that look, unlike any flower that you have ever seen.

An additional benefit of the peace lily is that it removes:

  • Benzene
  • Formaldehyde
  • Trichloroethylene
  • Toluene
  • Xylene from the air.

Furthermore, these plants also add moisture to dry environments making sure that your room remains cool and breathable.

8. Rubber Plant

If you want a plant that beats the heat for you, then the Ficus Elastica, also known as the Rubber plant should be your choice.

This plant cools down any room that it is placed in by improving the level of humidity in the room.

The plant needs to be placed in a well-lit place but not in direct sunlight. It also needs little sips of water every few days in order to thrive.

In short, this is one plant that won’t care even if you neglect it. This plant thrives under the least amount of care. Studies have shown that the rubber plant reduces the amount of mould and bacteria in the room by almost sixty percent.

9. Palms

If the beach and rainforest nostalgia has gotten too much,

then you can bring home these Palms to make sure that your house too has the tropical feel that you desire.

Different varieties of the palm take in oxygen and release CO2, filtering the air in your house and environment, and improving the levels of humidity.

Caring for these plants means lightly spritzing them with water every few days in order to make sure that they remain fresh.

Just imagine how amazing and totally unique your living room would look with Palms towering over the sofas and providing clean breathable air to everyone.

10. Peperomia

This pepper plant has over one thousand different varieties, all of which you can bring into your home for a breath of fresh air.

The plant is available in a variant of different colours from:

  • Pink
  • Green.

This plant only needs low to moderate light and is an effective way to control the levels of humidity in your home.

This plant is non-toxic to children and pets so you can easily incorporate this into your home.

According to research, putting a Peperomia plant in your house reduces almost sixty percent of formaldehyde from your house making your air clean and free of toxins that might harm you.

These are just some of the plants that you can bring into your household to make it better in every aspect.

Numerous NASA studies have shown the positive effect that people have on their health by keeping indoor plants and it’s about time you gain benefit from that. No other piece of furniture or accessory may give you as much happiness and health benefits like an indoor plant.

Whether your move is going to be an exhausting long distance move or you’re planning to move somewhere in the neighborhood, there are hundreds of plants besides the ones in the list that can be brought in your new house to enrich it or you can also call Deltona tree and plant experts.

You can either get multiple varieties of the same plants in different rooms or you can get different plants for each room.

With an availability of so many options,

You can decorate your house with plants in a multitude of ways.

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