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Maple or birch, trees shed their leaves too quickly and too regularly.


They make your home-yard look like a messy one often giving a false conception about you.

Handheld Leaf Blower



Those days are gone!

Here, I am introducing you with a hand-held leaf blower that would blow away all leaves in a blink of an eye and you will find yourself standing in a neat and clean home-yard.

Sounds crazy, right!


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It might sound fanatic but it is the reality.

But buying a handheld leaf blower is not a very easy task. There are some key things you should always remember.

Many users think that a leaf blower is just used once a year.


The secret is –

This device can be utilized throughout the whole year.


What if you don’t have a perfect hand-held leaf blower for your home yet?

I am here to guide you through every pros and cons of buying a hand-held leaf blower helpful for you, including:

  • Types,
  • Varieties,
  • Budget,
  • Models compare and contrast,
  • Alternatives,
  • Installation,
  • Buyer review,
  • Best and top-rated quality products along with how to avail discounts,
  • Stock sale and thus purchase a perfect one for you.



What you are waiting for?

I guess a perfect buying guide is holding you back.

So, here I am to guide you through everything for a handheld leaf blower.


Buying Guide

There are a variety of leaf blowers in the market to select from.

It varies in style and power option mostly. The variety ranges from handheld to backpack and wheeled models.


The best one for your yards is the handheld leaf blowers as they are not much bigger in size and budget-friendly and economical too.

These leaf blowers are –

  • Money-saving
  • Low-cost and
  • Inexpensive.

If you are looking for a handheld leaf blower then you might select from the top brands ensuring quality.

Handheld leaf blowers are perfect for their –

  • Lightweight
  • versatility, and
  • maneuverability.

It is easy to move through every tight corner of your home and backyard.

They vary in models –

thus provides with different alternatives to select from according to your need.


online stores and shops are offering great offers with various alternatives to select from. But don’t hurry.

Take time to know in detail about leaf blowers and I would suggest you decide after it.

Handheld leaf blowers are mostly useful for cleaning porches, small lawn, and gazebos.

It is best to clean a…

…smaller deck, patio or a deck.

It is very lightweight and easy to keep in the garage as it does not take much space. Its efficiency depends on several issues.

I am along with you to describe them below so that you might decide to buy your desired product.

Power is an important factor to consider before buying a handheld leaf blower.

The more powerful it is –

the more leaves it would blow with ease.


more power also brings some drawbacks.


it is wise to have a good combination of your purpose and power options.


a handheld leaf blower has three types of power option-

  1. Battery; Runs by several batteries. Nowadays it is getting popular among users.
  2. Electric; Uses electricity and connected with power sources with a wire if it is a corded one.
  3. Gas; Runs by gas. It is one of the most preferred handheld leaf blowers among the users.

Handheld leaf blowers come with cordless or with a corded one.


Handheld gas leaf blowers are more efficient ones but batteries are slowly making their space too.


The source of power is not the only thing that you would look for while buying a handheld leaf blower. You need to balance between two things –

  1. CFM (Cubic-feet per minute) and
  2. MPH (Miles per hour).

While most people focus on MPH, sadly, it only indicates how speedily the air comes out.

On the other hand –


measures how much area a leaf blower can cover to clean the dry leaves.


only indicates the speed of the blower but area coverage is an important issue too.  The higher the both of them the more work will be done by them in any given particular time.

For instance,

If a handheld leaf blower indicates 110MPH and 225 CFM then it suggests that the air will blow out from the vacuum at a speed of 110 miles per hour and it will cover an area of 225 cubic meters which is a standard yard area.

Most of the handheld leaf blowers range between 110-185 MPH and 150 to 600 CFM. Resource

How to Buy

In these days there are numerical options to select from.

At first –

You need to fix your price range according to your budget and then look for an online sale.

Most online stores and shops offer clearance sale, coupon code, promo, secret code, a special discount to attract customers.

If you are keen for such offers to save money then be patient and keep an eye while buying.

You might get such promo, secret code, discount, stock or store clearance if you try to find them with patience.

Any of these codes or coupons would help you heavily to buy money saving and low-cost, cheap, and less-priced products.


You should be careful before availing yourself with any such offers for sale and code with discounts as in many cases you are asked to provide personal information and often have to go through a long and tiresome process.

Thus –

I would recommend you to try to buy from trusted online stores that deal with a customer with great care.

Most online shops and stores are in fact trustworthy and caring towards their customers.

You are ought to keep in mind about your probable functions and options, as you explore different stores and compare among products.

For instance,

If your only focus is to rake leaves and wiping them out from your small home yard then you should look for a handheld leaf blower with gas fuel source having 140-150 MPH and 250-300 CFM.

If you are eager to use any coupons or special discounts, I would suggest you go through different offers of different stores to avail yourself with a suitable one.

Most online stores offer discounts…

…especially on the eve of any festivals so you might avail it then and can’t stop buying a handheld leaf blower to blow away leaves from your yard for a Christmas or Easter Sunday.

Where to Get

You can easily get your desired handheld leaf blower products from any –

Trustworthy, customer friendly, and reputed online shops.

It is easy to explore these stores as they provide full catalog describing the pros and cons of every product and has in fact, a wide variety of products online.

You can easily select from them while you might be in the office.


If you are a man who is often busy with your office schedule, it is better for you to select from the wide range of products in online stores.


They provide home-delivery.


You also get rid off from the burden to take it to your home too. Home delivery is often provided with a minimal cost.

What to Buy

As I have mentioned earlier on various occasions, you need to consider several features before you order a handheld leaf blower from online.

You need to focus on your purpose, functions, and portability along with durability. Lastly, you need to keep your eye on budget-friendly products along with its quality and brand value too.

You might as well focus on buying discounted products using coupons, stock sale etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Best Handheld Leaf Blowers Reviews & Buying Guide. #Handheld #LeafBlowers Click To Tweet

By this time,

As you have made your mind up and firmed to buy a handheld leaf blower for your house, I would like to provide you with some frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding it. These are –

Question: Is there any regulatory body that ensures the quality of a leaf blower?
Answer: Yes, there is.

The California Air Resources Board sets standards for leaf blowers.

Question: Why my leaf blower engine smokes excessively?
Answer: It might be due to the reason that the air filter has become dirty.

Clean or replace it to stop smoke coming out excessively.

Question: Is there any chance to get punished for making too much noise?
Answer: Well, as public-health concern is increasing, there are chances that local community health providers might offend you if your leaf blower makes a lot of noise.


Try to buy one with little noise.

Question: Has gas or battery run handheld leaf blower?
Answer: Previously, gas run handheld leaf blowers have had the monopoly in the market.


With the advancement of the battery industry, battery run handheld leaf blowers are gaining popularity.

Question: Is there any special measure to take to store handheld leaf blowers?
Answer: Nothing such but you should empty the fuel or remove the battery from the leaf blower so that it does not get damaged.

Store it away from babies and kids too.

Question: How often it is necessary to clean the air filter?
Answer: On an average, you need to clean the air filter of your leaf blowers after every 5 to 6 hours of use.

Final Thoughts

You must admit that raking is not a fun task.

It is very tiresome and takes a lot of time out. We all want to speed up the process using mechanical equipment to save our precious time.

Handheld leaf blowers are the only mean to help you out with this. If you want to keep your home and backyard neat and clean and at the same time want to save your time, there is no alternative to buying a handheld leaf blower.


You need to focus on several issues such as –

Speed, space, repair, second-hand blower’s durability, models, cleaning methods, environmental and health issues and so on.

As of now:

You should have become aware of your necessity and functions of a handheld leaf blower.


Let’s not wait for more.

Go and grab your desired handheld leaf blower and enjoy raking leaves.




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