Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender with 12 Functions for Puree, Ice Crush, Shakes and Smoothies and 40oz BPA Glass Jar Review

Choosing the best blender under budget is quite a tough task. Yet you can get the best blender for your kitchen but blenders come in vast-variety models. And different models have different benefits.

No worry, this guide will tell you which blender could be your best choice. I’ve reviewed the Hamilton Beach 58148A which would be the best value for the money.

The users of these amazing budget-friendly blenders are satisfied with this – when I go through the customer opinion I found this.

It is less powerful yet it has the best blending capacity, very easy to use and clean, this is made from the best quality sturdy material which makes it durable.

And most importantly, this can be used in a versatile way. So you can make your favorite drinks or prepare a dish in this blender.


Below are the details about Hamilton Beach 58148A Blender, so keep on reading…

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender will match your wallet and you can afford this easier than other models. It provides the 12-speed function to meet all your blending, crushing or even grinding needs. Here are the best features of this blender –

Main features of Hamilton Beach Blender

  1. To provide the powerful ice crushing it has a 700-watt motor.
  2. You will get 12-speed benefits from this blender which makes this a multi-functional blender.
  3. Blades are easy to remove and offer the easy cleaning process.
  4. It provides 3-years of warranty, which means you can use the blender for many years to come.

Those were the main functions of the best blender for you. The following are the pros and cons of this multi-function blender.


  1. Less expensive
  2. The best speed control, 5 buttons that can be used for 12 speed
  3. Compared to other blenders, this is lightweight
  4. The jar, lid, and blades are dishwasher safe
  5. The container is made from glass which is very sturdy
  6. It comes with 3-years of generous warranty


  1. As the motor is less powerful so it takes a little time to crush any hard items.
  2. A little noisy while in use.

Features and Benefits

This section will discuss the best features and benefits of the Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender. Keep on reading to make your best choice. It provides the best features even though it is a less expensive blender yet powerful.

Blending Quality

The blending quality of a blender is measured by the power generated by the motor. The motor has 700W power which is sufficient to blending vegetables or fruits in a few seconds. But while blending the toughest items, you should add water first to the container and then run the blender.

Stainless Steel Blade

The Hamilton Beach Blender comes with a removable stainless steel blade. This blade is sharp enough to blend the toughest items, but it will take a little time when it comes to blending. Always make sure to add the water first to the container. However, the blade is dishwasher safe and while removing the blade, be very careful.

Speed Control

Hamilton beach blender has 5 simple buttons but it provides a 12-speed function to provide you the best blending convenience. The speed controls are – Mixing, milkshakes, easy-cleaning, icy drink, puree, smoothies, salsa, dice, chop, grate, crushing ice and grinding. You can use the last two buttons as a pulse feature that is located on the right side of the blender knob. The pulse button is a handy button when it comes to blending the toughest items.

So you can see you will get the best speed control from this lesse expensive blender, you should consider buying this one for your kitchen.

Sturdy Jar

The jar is 40-oz glass made which is BPA-free so don’t worry about the material. A 40-oz jar is not much wider, it is the best for a small family or self-using. It is made from very sturdy glass, which makes it scratch-resistant. And there is a measurement scale outside the jar, which is very convenient in terms of adding the ingredients.

You can use any dishwasher to clean the jar, as it is dishwasher-free.


This budget-friendly blender also comes with some of the basic accessories that are very handy. It provides a user guide manual – this is very important to read the whole guide so that you don’t face any issues while using the blender. Also, you will get a recipe book. A 700W motor base that contains 12-speed, and a 40-oz glass jar.

Easy Maintain

It is very difficult for some people to know exactly how to clean or maintain a blender. Thankfully this blender is very easy to maintain, as well as clean. This a dishwasher safe blender, so you will need a drop of the dishwasher and a brush to properly clean. Once you clean the blender, let it dry properly.

Regular cleaning helps to increase the lifespan of a blender. Make sure to give the blender a proper clean after each use.


As a less expensive blender, this provides a pretty good warranty. It has 3-years of the warranty, in the warranty period if there’s an issue you can contact the manufacturer and they will fix your blender. And if you take regular cleaning this blender can last for many years to come like 6 to 7 years.

Noise level

Nothing is perfect, the same goes for this blender. While the blender is using, it will make a little blender that every blender does. If you have any hearing issues or do not like the high noise then this will not be your perfect choice. But you can adjust to the noise level as all the blenders are a little noisy.

Summing Up

If you are on a tight budget then Hamilton Beach Blender would be your best choice. Though it is a less expensive blender, you will get some of the best features. And the features will provide you the convenience of using the blender. It is an excellent multi-functional blender, so you should buy this.

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