11+ Best Gutter Cleaning Tools (2020 Reviews)

EZ Smart Gutter Cleaner EZ Smart Gutter Cleaner
Powered by a long-lasting, rechargeable 18v lithium-ion battery that delivers a 120 mph jet of air.
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Gutter Getter 00301 Rake Gutter Getter 00301 Rake
Slender design, lets you clean, even very narrow gutters.
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Chomp Smop Gutter Cleaning Tool Chomp Smop Gutter Cleaning Tool
90% cotton/10% nylon, works with chomp gutter cleaner, forms to all gutter shapes.
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Gutter Getter 00101 Cleaning Scoop Gutter Getter 00101 Cleaning Scoop
Makes a tough cleaning job quick and easy, flexes to fit the gutter, many other uses.
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Gutter Edge Gutter Cleaner  Citrus Scented Gutter Edge Gutter Cleaner - Citrus Scented
Non-toxic all natural ingredients safe for all indoor/exterior surfaces. safe around kids, pets & plants.
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Gutter Sense Gutter Cleaning Tool Gutter Sense Gutter Cleaning Tool
Tongs spread for a 14" wide grasp, paddles are 2.5 inches wide, lightweight usable to two stories.
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Gutterwhiz GW1 Gutter Cleaning Tool Gutterwhiz GW1 Gutter Cleaning Tool
Clean your home’s gutters from the safety of the ground – no rickety ladders, twisted garden hoses.
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Weed Eater GA2010 Gutter Cleaning Blower Attachment
Ideal for gutter cleaning, attaches to all "weed eater" gas, electric blowers except models fl1500le/fb25
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Worx WA4090 WORXAIR Gutter Cleaning Kit.(Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Up to 11 foot reach gutter cleaning tubs, cleaning kit for wg540/wg545/wg565/wg575 series.
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WS25051A 2 1/2 Inch Wet Dry Shop Vacuum Accessories Designed For Gutter Cleaning WS25051A 2-1/2-Inch Wet Dry Shop Vacuum Accessories Designed For Gutter Cleaning.
Part number ws25051a, item weight 2.49 pounds, power source - manual
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Orbit 58543 Telescoping Gutter Cleaning Wand with Ratcheting Head Orbit 58543 Telescoping Gutter Cleaning Wand with Ratcheting Head
Telescoping wand easily extends from 40" to 70" for increased range of use.
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Mr LongArm 6624 8 Feet to 24 Feet Professional Grade Bulb Changer Extension Pole Mr LongArm 6624 8 Feet to 24 Feet Professional Grade Bulb Changer Extension Pole
Plastic, imported,satco s706516, bulb changer, alumiglass extension pole, professional grade.
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While we are cleaning our whole house, we mistakenly forget to clean the nasty gutters, isn’t it?


Even I forget to clean them most of the time. But it’s actually important to keep gutters dirt and debris-free.

So, I am here to tell something about gutter cleaning tools buying the guide.

Leaving gutters alone can cause more cleaning issues.

They can easily become obstructed with leaves, sticks, and roofing material.

Over time, some of the asphalt roofing will slowly wash into the guttering.  Everything gets messy if this part of the house is full of garbage.

But I think if you can clean them daily or weekly, things will get much easier.

Do you know what are the necessary gutter cleaning tools?

These are of many types such as leaf blower, rake, mop, scoop, cleaner concentrate, pressure washer etc.

Some others are a ladder, blower attachment, wand, pole hook etc. Each of these is used for different purposes.

I am going to show these best gutter cleaning tools definitions and their advantages.

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Blower or leaf blower, whatever you call them are a crucial part of gutter cleaning.

Blowers help to blow the dropout leaves, pinecones, plastic or rubber toys, balls etc. to a certain corner.

Cleaning the leaves by your hand can cost you a huge time.

Besides this, all the leaves cleaning becomes tiresome and dissatisfactory result without the blower.

You can attach an extension pole to reach the corners of the drain system.


Rake is definitely small but useful handy tool to keep your gutter clean.

The thin edge of the rake’s metal part carries all the debris.

The long handle of the top-rated rake is to hold the thing easily.

You can move the rake to any tough to reach corners without any hassle.

Several brands’ rakes have pole hook option to hang them. You can also attach this tool to any extension handle.


The mop is generally made of cotton, nylon etc.

It helps to reduce the movement of the ladder to operate smartly. Black streaks are easily removable with the mop.

The benefit of the top-quality mop is that there’s no need to scrub the gutter.

You make the mop wet and wipe the whole system. Usually, the mop is used with an extension pole.


Scoop helps to collect the leaves, dirt and other unpleasant things.

Good quality scoop can eradicate 2-3 handful debris at a time.

This lightweight tool is used in an application when you have gathered the things at one place in general.

Cleaner Concentrate

This is quite similar to concentrate detergent we use to wash our clothes.

The non-toxic, biodegradable cleaner is low in price but high in cleaning the irremovable dirty particles from the gutters.

Sometimes the concentrate comes in a bottle with sprayer.

In this case, you need to spray to the spot and wipe with the mop.

This is how cleaning becomes easier with the cleaner concentrate for sale. All the black streaks, marks etc. fly away.

Pressure Washer

The usefulness of a pressure washer is immense.

Not only cleaning the house surroundings, garden, lobby, vehicles etc. but also pressure washer helps to wash away the debris from the drains.

Many of these washers have spray guns with the long extendable wand.

The places where your other tools can’t reach, a pressure washer will be the best ally.

The high speed water flow can blow any mold, mildew out of the vision. You don’t need to scrub the gutters with hands anymore.


Surprised to see a ladder in this list? Yes.

The ladder is also a convenient tool to reach the top of the building near the gutters.

Basically, ladders for cleaning gutters are smaller in length than regular ones.

But these are foldable and gets a good height when you unfold them.

The steel-made construction can hold you to stand easily.

Different degrees, scaffolding positions, smart portable features have created the value of the ladder in cleaning the drain system of the house.


Or you may call it the magic wand. The wand is the key tool to spray water and cleaning solutions to certain places.

This is adjustable and can be extendable to a good height. The non-grip handle is a plus point as safety measurement.

Pole Hook

Pole hook is used to make the hard-to-reach corners of the gutters open for cleaning.

This thing can make your cleaning task easier.

Even if you miss any part of the gutter, this hook will reduce the perspiration of cleaning them.

It can pull the debris out of the gutters.

Blower Attachment

This is for and low to heavy-duty gutter cleaning. It’s nothing but the set of small pipes.

You can attach any pipe to other for just making a direction to the cleaning spot.

The airflow through the blower attachments can blow the things and make the places clean.

Adapters, tubes, U shaped nozzle etc. are included in a blower attachment set.

This can be an alternative to the ladders.

So, I am making a pause to the long article. Have you read the gutter cleaning tools buying guide till now?

I think the answer is positive as I tried to include all the necessary things we can use to clean the gutter system.

Here are some frequently asked questions about these tools:

Question: How can I buy a budget gutter cleaning tool?

Answer: Actually what you are thinking may be wrong.

Gutter cleaning tools are really cheap in comparison with the manual steps of cleaning.

Many sellers offer discounts in buying them.

Question: Can I reach the toughest corners of the gutter?

Answer: Wand, pressure washer, blower attachment etc. are helpful tools to reach there.

Question: What are the things we should be careful of?

Answer: Don’t try to purchase an ordinary gutter cleaning kit.

Check the customer’s reviews, tools instruction, price etc. before you order the thing.


Cleanliness is the scourge of art.

-Craig Brown

Clean gutters fulfill whole cleaning project of your house. Manual cleaning can’t be joyous.

Even the time we spend in gutter cleaning with a manual method can’t bring long-lasting, significant result.

Best gutter cleaning tools can be the best options to shorten the obstacles and time use.

Check out the high-quality tools description before you buy them.

Have a clean gutter system from right now!

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