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Which 2×72 belt grinder is good for you Grizzly, Bader, KMG?

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Top-Branded 2×72 Belt Grinders Reviews

Grizzly Industrial G1015 - Knife Grinder, Sander, and Buffer
  • Item may ship in more than one box and may arrive separately
  • Although we call this a -Inch Knife Belt Sander -Inch it is actually a very versatile sander with many different woodworking uses
  • Auxiliary arbor accepts buffing wheels sanding drums or flap wheels
  • Belt can be changed in seconds with quick-release mechanism
JET J-4103 2 x 72 Square Wheel Belt Grinder
  • Platen setting is the perfect angle for high speed, precision flat and level grinding
  • For grinding, and refinishing cylindrical shapes. Yoke surface conforms to shape of the surface to produce an even, smooth finish
  • Serrated contact wheel is used for removing heavy stock, cleaning up a weld or snagging a casting
  • Grind difficult to reach areas with the 3" X 2" or 1-1/2" X 2" diameter contact wheels
  • JET's multipurpose Square Wheel Grinder is the only finishing machine you'll ever need or want. This easy to operate versatile grinder provides fast, efficient grinding and finishing all in one machine.
Belt Grinder D-backing plate for 2x72" knife making grinder with wheelss
  • Belt Grinder D-backing plate for 2x72" knife making grinder with wheelss
  • April 2020 new design
Shop Fox W1843 Knife Belt Sander/Buffer
  • Motor: 1 HP, 110V, single-phase, 14A, 1725 RPM
  • Belt size: 2" x 72"-76" range
  • Belt speed: 4500 FPM.Power Cord Gauge:16 AWG
  • Overall width: 29-1/2"
  • All ball bearing construction
2x72 Belt Grinder Large Tool Rest
  • 3/8 Aluminum 9.900 X 6.00 X .375
  • Flatness with in .001

Finishing The Metals

Belt grinder is an effective tool to sharpen and finishing the metals and tempered materials. This thing helps to have finishing surfaces, deburring and stock removal.

You may find belt grinders similar to belt sanders. A belt grinder consists of the abrasive coated belt. When you drive a material beneath the grinder, that thing gets a finished surface.

In this article,

You will get information about the best 2×72 belt grinder buying guide and more.

Knife Sharp

There’s another definition of a belt grinder. It’s the device that can make a metal turned in a knife or other sharp smooth things.


The belt is set with a motor and it rolls when you switch on the motor.

2×72 belt grinders can be of various types such as back stand, wide, stroke, handheld, etc.

A Buying Guide for The Best 2×72 Belt Grinder

A buying guide of the best 2×72 belt grinder should have all necessary statistics which gives a clear concept of selecting the best one. A high-quality belt grinder has these below benefits or advantages:

How To Get Top-Rated 2×72 Belt Grinder

A top-rated 2×72 belt grinder is very simple to use. It can provide you with finishing touch faster. Suppose, you want to sharpen or make a knife from metal, you can take the help of a belt grinder.

The manual or classical method of shaping or designing metal material is a time worthy, lengthy and complex process. But belt grinder can do that with very minimal effort.

If you want to remove rust, unwanted paints, or residues from surfaces, choose a 2×72 belt grinder. You can also use a belt grinder as the base of sanding and shaping metals. Now I will share how to choose a good effective belt grinder for regular uses.

There are certain factors you may want to think about choosing the best thing. Belt grinder is not exceptional to these.

If the belt grinder has narrower belts that means you have a chance to control while working with small objects. Choose wider belts for belt grinders such as 2×72 to give finishes to the larger objects.

A 2×72 belt grinder should run at right or exact speed with the exact power. Low quality or cheaper models can’t do so.

Thus your belt grinder gets into the risk of filling down metal inappropriately. Again, it will take more time to complete the task.


You may not be able to save money as the motor and belt will get excessive strain.

So, you should choose the quality one to get the right speed with the right power.

Final Thoughts

You may look for the popular 2×72 belt grinders which give more durability and easy maneuver.

Make sure the parts of the belt grinder are also promising. Otherwise, you may need to look for another one within the shortest time.

So, you should look after these matters when you need to find and buy the best 2×72 belt grinder online or offline.

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