Fixed Blade Knife Tricks – You Amazed To Others

Beginner & Advanced Tutorial of Fixed Blade Knife Tricks

Fixed blade knife is a popular type of knife which we use regularly especially in our kitchen. But the concept is bigger than we know about it.

We can apply the advantages of fix blade knives in hunting, combat, survival, throwing, etc.

Fixed blade knives are sturdy, versatile and easy to use.

There are no specific tricks to open or close the fixed blade knife.


These are some useful fixed blade knife tricks:

Fixed blade knives can be used in any kind of heavy-duty tasks.


They are of any small to big size, sturdier, and usable in any situation.

Fixed Blade Knife Tricks

Suggested to you:

You can cut the wood or prepare the food with the help of fixed blade knives. For regular uses, you should use fixed blade knives.

Folding knives are not suitable for every task. They can break anytime as they have a hinge or moving parts.

But fixed blade knives break very rarely and they are easy to maintain. The blade and the handle are connected to the specific way so that they last longer than folding knives.

Fixed blade knife is always prepared to use at any time. You don’t need to fold or unfold it.

You can deploy this tool faster. Just draw the knife and complete the purpose of it. You can chop anything easily with the sharp edge of the fixed knife.

Even in hunting, it’s easier to cut the object. For camping purpose, fixed blade knives are handier and more useful.

There are hundreds of uses or tricks to use a fixed blade knife. Suppose you want to carve a thing.

Then you can use the knife to give shape to eat.

From food cooking to survive in the adventure in the adverse environment, tips of fixed blade knife will help you a lot.

So, undoubtedly fixed blade knife tricks are supportive.

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