Danny Paul

Ex-quality manager in General Electronics, Ex-operational Head in Kroger, Product reviewer in The New York Post.

danny-paul-fullDanny Paul completed his BSc. In Production Management and joined in General Electronics as a Quality Assurance (Supply Line) officer. With days he expertized in quality and in operational management and took a golden handshake from Kroger in 2014.

Later he joined in The New York Post as a product reviewer and has been writing blogs since 2015. He is an expert in assuring product quality of different areas with special concern to day to day products. He takes a keen interest in investigating the pros and cons of products to ensure its built quality. Moreover, his writing enthusiasm has added extra values to his product reviews.

He says,

“In this era of information, our only option to survive in the marketplace is to ensure the best quality products to our readers.”

Indeed, he puts all his intellects, experience and efforts to judge products with the first-hand experience makes him readers loving Harry Potter in his area.

His educational background in Production Management helps him to find the production quality of products. Moreover, his long experience assists to a great extent to know the user-friendliness of different functions of products.

He is a renowned product reviewer and different companies currently take his expert opinion to build different gears and gadgets. But his extensive interest to connect with our readers makes him different. He focuses on in-depth reviewing so that readers don’t have to face any future problem. Along with it, he always combines quality with price and compares the user-friendliness of the products.

Danny Paul is currently working as a product reviewer and is planning to provide better shopper’s experience through extensive and inclusive reviews ranging from a knife to the latest smartphone. His relentless work-effort and love for work, as well as his ability to judge reader’s necessity, makes him the best in the business; trustworthy and unprecedented.

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