How to Made Different Designs & Type of Cutting Board


Love to cook or have to work in the kitchen?

Then you must be well aware that chopping board or cutting board is a must-have appliance in your kitchen.

The chopping board is arguably one of the most important kitchen tools because it is almost impossible to cook without it.


You just…

…cannot put every food item in your cooking pot without cutting or slicing them.

As this board is a vital tool for your cooking proceedings, it is wise to gather as much knowledge and information about different types of chopping boards as possible before buying one for your own kitchen.

In this article,

I discuss all the different types of chopping board available in the market to make your decision process about buying your desired boards easier.


Keep reading and find out which cutting board is going to suit you the best.

Cutting Board Or Chopping Board


Whether you want a cutting board or a chopping board totally depends on the action you want to perform.

If you want to cut a lamb leg or a full chicken, a cutting board is required but if you want to just mince a garlic clove or chop an onion, you should go for a chopping board.


Truth to be spoken, there is little to no difference between a chopping board and cutting board.

Cutting Board Made Of

Material Cutting Board

One of the crucial questions arises when considering buying a chopping board is that

  • From what ingredient the board is made of?
  • And which material is a better choice for you?
  • And also treats your sharp knives with utmost delicacy.w


You would also want a cutting board that is both eco-friendly and also serves the sanitary purpose. A cutting board or chopping board can be made from several different components, from various kinds 

  • Woods
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Bamboo
  • Acacia
  • Maple
  • Walnut
  • Steel
  • Marble
  • Nylon
  • Silicone
  • Rubber
  • And even glass

Each of these materials serves some exclusive properties:

Wood Cutting Board

According to many celebrated chefs, a wooden cutting board is highly preferable because it’s made from strong, beautiful natural material and proved to be very much hygienic.

Constructed mainly from leftover supreme woods, this sturdy cutting board absorbs any leftover foods and yet doesn’t let any kind of bacteria to multiply inside.

The ingested bacterium dies off eventually making this board a very sanitary one.


This relatively economical cutting board helps your knives to retain sharpness and is proven to be very much durable.

For this reason, wooden cutting boards are often preferred to use with expensive knives like Gyutou, Santoku, Nakiri etc.

Plastic Cutting Board


Plastic cutting boards are quite light-weight, dishwasher safe and super easy to clean, it slowly but surely became one of the customers favorite kitchen tools.

Made from superior quality polyethylene and polypropylene, these boards serve similar benefits of wooden boards yet are the least expensive among others.

Plastic boards are perfect for raw meat cutting. But these boards are not remarkably sanitized. They start trapping bacteria in the score marks after just a couple of use.

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Bamboo Cutting Board


Cutting boards made from excellent quality bamboo are becoming quite popular among professional chefs as well as home cooks as they are a good alternative to wooden boards but at a much lesser price tag.

They are aesthetically –

  • Good looking
  • Light-weight
  • And most importantly 100% natural.
  • No chemicals or other preservatives are used to construct these cutting boards.

And therefore…

…these cutting boards are preferred by many naturalists. Each cutting board is handcrafted with utmost care and is polished with natural food-safe oil so that your food is safe with no in-built bacteria.

Acacia Cutting Board


Constructed from the finest woods of a very distinctive throne tree, the acacia cutting board will not only provide you an exceptional cutting experience but will also add a fine artistry to your kitchen.


Usually dark colored, the beautiful cutting board is rich in texture and has an end-grain finish that ensures the board’s toughness and durability.


The acacia wood has the adequate amount of natural oils that assures the board to be water resistant.

Maple Cutting Board

Of late,

Cutting boards made from Maple woods are considered as one of the most popular chopping tools among consumers.

Maple wood boards are –

  • Strong
  • Alluring
  • And most importantly budget-friendly.

Being a professional or just a home cook, you want a cutting surface that is hard, reliable and slips and bug resistant.

Made from renewable hard rock maple trees, this wooden cutting board provides you with durability and great cutting and chopping experience.

Walnut Cutting Board

Chopping board that is made from exceptionally tough woods of Walnut trees is another example of a wooden board that is…

  • Highly durable
  • Has great sanitary properties
  • And is free from toxicity


The edge-grain finish of this strong and sturdy chopping board creates a suitable working surface and protects your knives from losing their sharpness.

Glass Cutting Board

Glass chopping board adds an exquisite feel to your kitchen counters. They are firm, sturdy and fanciful. These exceptionally beautiful cutting boards are made from superior quality tempered glass that is non-porous and super easy to clean.


You can buy one with a relatively cheaper price tag. But one major drawback of these boards is that using a glass board will damage the sharpness of your knives in no time.

The outstanding hard surface of a glass board tends to dull, chip and blunt knives rapidly.

Steel Cutting Board


Made from excellent quality stainless steel materials, these cutting boards serve the user with –

Superior durability

And hygiene factors.

Bacteria build up is most unlikely in these chopping boards.

Steel boards are easy to clean and maintain.

But as for its outstanding hard surface, these boards are also awful for knives.

Knives become dull and start to chip after just a few uses.

Marble Cutting Board

Marble cutting board was originally designed to roll out pastries and any other kind of doughs because they have a very cool and sleek surface and dodges off any kind of sticking.

These boards are super easy to clean and don’t absorb any kind of liquid.


A marble cutting board is aesthetically very much attractive, it’s not meant for chopping or cutting.

Its superb hard surface destroys knives’ edges and sharpness super quickly.


Marble is the non-renewable resource and thus very expensive.

Nylon Cutting Board


Nylon cutting boards are not made for kitchen or cooking purpose. They are specially constructed for intricate tailoring fabric jobs.

From cutting suits to dresses to even canvas and car seat covers, you can chop anything and everything on a nylon board.

Made from premium cast Nylon materials, the degree of hardness and the impact resistance characteristics of these particular cutting boards ensures clean and accurate cut without any unnecessary bump.

Silicone Cutting Board

Cutting board that is made from high quality silicon is a brilliant kitchen tool because it is secure for your knives. It’s soft on blades so that your knives retain sharpness for a long period of time. As made from silicon, these boards are super flexible and possess a scratch proof surface which made it impossible for bacteria build-up. Moreover, these boards are exceptionally easy to maintain and very much reasonably priced.

Rubber Cutting Board


Lately rubber cutting boards are gaining tremendous popularity among professionals. This is because these boards supposedly offer chemical disinfectants and bear self-repairing potential.

Made from all natural rubber tree components, these boards are quite heavy and doesn’t slides around the counters. Additionally, these boards don’t downgrade the sharpness of the knives and they also retains from holding any germs and wetness.

Although rubber boards are a bit pricey, they deliver the best cutting experience.


Wood Vs Plastic Cutting Board

Wood cutting boards are all natural and are bacteria resistant whereas, a cutting board made of plastic is prone to bacteria attack easily. But plastic boards are rather inexpensive and quite lightweight for extra mobility.

Bamboo Vs Plastic Cutting Board


Although plastic boards are cheap and easy to clean, they are made from artificial materials which may rarely cause chemical reactions in foods.

A bamboo cutting board is eco-friendly and made from natural ingredients. But it’s quite hard and often can dull your knives with regular use.

Acacia Vs Maple Cutting Board

The very affordable Acacia cutting boards are well known for their exotic looks and toughness. These wooden boards are also bacteria rebellious and can suit themselves even in the most unfavorable climate conditions.

Maple woods, on the other hand, also are derived from a non-renewable natural source. Maple cutting boards are also naturally very alluring and possess extreme sanitary quality.

Maple Vs Walnut Cutting Board

The Walnut wood cutting board features an extraordinary edge-grain finish which makes the board strong and durable. These boards also save the sharpness of the knives. On the other hand, maple woods cutting boards also delivers durability and are slip resistant. therefore, this boards are safe to use.

Glass Vs Wood Cutting Board


Glass cutting boards are beautiful and a great addition to any kitchen. They are strong, sturdy and stain and scratch resistant. But then, their super hard surface damages the sharpness of knives.

On the other hand, cutting boards made from natural woods are relatively less porous and doesn’t dull the blades of your knives easily. But they require regular oiling and care.

Size & Designs Of Cutting Board

Cutting Board Ideas

If you are very fashionable person then you can try out cutting board ideas. Which you can generate very easily if you are creative enough.

Cutting Board Plans

You can create your own plans or buy few plans from online or market.

Cutting Board Sizes


Aside from building materials, the size and shape of a cutting board is also very important. Because these features ensures how much you can use the board effectively and efficiently.

Cutting boards are available in various sizes and shapes. It’s the users’ preference to choose the size most suitable for them.

It’s better to select a relatively medium sized board as it is easy to clean in a sink or dishwasher and takes limited counter space.

Cutting Board Designs

Another aspect that people consider before buying a cutting board is the design and how well it would suit their kitchen. Designs of cutting boards mainly depend on the material used and the company that is manufacturing them.

The design and shape of a wooden cutting board won’t be same as one made from marble or glass. Alongside numerous eye-catching designs, many manufacturers are creating different color coded cutting boards to avoid cross contamination of various food items and eliminate the risk of food-related illness.

Cutting Board Finish


Finishing is another vital aspect to consider before buying a cutting board. Because the retaining of the sharpness of knives depends on the boards finish.

Also the finish of a cutting board determines how well it is going to perform in it cutting and chopping job. Cutting board finishes can be mainly categorized as fine-grained, larger-grained, medium-grained, end-grained and super sleek finish.

But the boards have to be regularly oiled and moisturized to maintain the great finish.

Engraved Cutting Board

As a gift or for your own prized collection, personalized engraved cutting boards are becoming a fan-favorite in recent times.

Many sellers offer custom illustration on different types of woods and bamboo so that you can engrave you name or a personal message on your cherished cutting board.

Cutting Board With Juice Groove

A cutting board with juicy groove is especially preferred by professional chefs because it makes the cutting and chopping process of meat and proteins effortless.


Moreover, this board can be used to roast and bake various proteins as the grooves on the board holds all the delicious juices from the meats.

Usually, different kinds of woods and bamboos are the main components used to construct these boards.

Cutting Board With Deep Grooves

Deep grooves cutting boards enable to hold the juice of fruits, vegetable and meats within the tray so there is less chance of your kitchen counter to get dirty.

Cutting Board Colors And Uses

I have mentioned earlier that many manufacturers are selling different color coded cutting boards to ensure proper sanitation and avoid food contamination and any kind of illness.

Each color board is designated for a particular cutting and chopping purpose. For example, a red cutting board is assigned for cutting raw read meats whereas a green board is used to slice fruits and vegetables and a blue board is for preparing raw seafood.

Cutting Melamine Board Without Chipping Edges

Melamine boards are made from a combination of formaldehyde resin and plastics. These materials are sensitive to chipping.

Therefore, you must use a table saw that feature highest-quality melamine-friendly sharp blades to ensure that cutting didn’t chipped the edges.

Cutting Laminate Board

Laminate boards are actually a form of particleboards that is fairly cheap and can be used as an alternative of woods. Before using, you have to cut the board according to your desired size and you can use a saber saw or a table saw for the cutting purpose.

Cutting Laminate Board Without Chipping

To cut a laminate blade without chipping edges, you must use a table saw that has a super sharp carbide-tipped blade. This blade guarantees a smooth edge without slightest sign of chipping.

Cutting Board Shaped Like States

To many users, a round or square shaped cutting board can be boring. To break this monotone, you can use cutting boards shaped like your favorite state.

These boards are usually made from high-quality wood or bamboo material and they also make for a great gift item.

Cutting Board Shaped Like Michigan


Manufacturers offer all 50 states shaped cutting boards. Therefore, if you want one of your beloved states Michigan, you can have it by just buying one.

Type Of Cutting Board

Cutting Board For Paper

Using a scissor is the easiest way to cut paper. But if you have to cut extensive amount of paper daily, it is wise to use a cutting board specially made for cutting papers

. The board is equipped with perfect printed measurements and delicately cut papers with utmost perfection and accuracy.

Cutting Board For Meat


Different kinds of woods and bamboo cutting boards are the most suitable for cutting meats as they don’t contaminant any kind of bacteria and keeps the knives sharp. Sharpness of knives is important while cutting meat.

Cutting Board For Fish

For any kind of seafood or fish, a blue color coded plastic cutting board would be better.

Cutting Board For Bread

It is advised to use a big wooden cutting board for bread slicing because often bread loafs are big and knives on wooden boards are unlikely to wrap.

Cutting Board For Vegetables


You can use any variety of cutting board of chopping and slicing your fruits and veggies. But it is better to use a green color coded one for sanitation purpose.

Cutting Board For Sewing

A cutting board made of Nylon material is preferred for cutting an array of fabrics perfectly and prepare them for sewing.

Cutting Board For Kitchen

Cutting boards are one of the most vital tools of a kitchen. Therefore any board of any material of your choice is perfect for your kitchen.

Cutting Board For Chicken


A plastic cutting board that is simple to wash and clean is preferred by professionals to cut a chicken because the bacteria and the raw smell of chicken can be washed off easily leaving a perfectly clean board.

Cutting Board Countertop

Not all cutting boards are suitable for your kitchen countertop. Lightweight boards have a decent chance of slipping off while working causing an accident.

For this reason a relatively heavy board is suggested to use on countertop.

Cutting Board For Crafts

For precise cuts, perfect measurements and any kind of quilting activity, boards made from PVC materials are used. These boards are non-slip and thus are very much safe to use.

Cutting Board For Sink


It’s very much convenient to have a cutting board beside the sink. Lately, there are many boards available that can be placed on the sink and use to cut and chop and also wash them immediately.

Cutting Board For Boat

If you are very passionate about fishing, then you need a cutting board that specifically made only for boats.

Cutting Board Cafe

Like any other place café also require some cutting board to properly serve customers. Most often you need to cut foods to serve people in your café.

Cutting Board Table


Cutting boards are not always countertop kitchen tools. For better cutting experience, table attached with cutting boards are available in the market. Besides woods and bamboos, these tables also feature marble and glass cutting boards.

Cutting Board Island

Cutting Board Island is a large cutting board that is constructed all over the kitchen counter or any other kitchen furniture. These types of the cutting board provide a large working space and allow a couple of chefs to work together.

Cutting Board Island Table

A table that is fully topped with a cutting board is very useful for someone who wants to work outside the kitchen. These island tables are available with a variety of different cutting board materials.

Cutting Board Island Top

Island top cutting boards are normally larger in size. They are focused on the easier cutting experience.

Cutting Board Top Kitchen Island


In the kitchen, if you have a cutting board that is placed top on the kitchen island that means you regularly needs to do cutting and chopping.

Cutting Board For One-Handed Person

Manufactures designs special cutting boards for handicapped people. These boards have special grips that hold onto the countertop avoiding any slip or movement.

Moreover, makers added extra sides that prevent food from sliding off the board.

Cutting Board For Stove Top

When you have limited kitchen space, there is no way but to use the stove top for placing your cutting board. But to do that burner covers are required. Once you put burner covers on the stove, you can place the cutting board and use it as you need.

Cutting Board For Quilting


Boards made from self-healing PVC plastics are advised to use for quilting as they are non-reflective and are environment friendly.

Cutting Board Interior

Cutting Board With Handle

Many cutting boards consist of beautiful handles so that the board can also be used as a tray or a platter.

Cutting Board Holder

If you don’t want your cutting board on your kitchen countertop, you can use a cutting board holder pierced on the kitchen wall or place it somewhere beside the sink. A holder can accommodate up to 3 cutting easily.

Cutting Board With Containers


Some manufacturers started to attach different sized containers to their cutting boards so that it is super convenient for the users to place different food items in each bracket or to put the waste from cutting.

These cutting boards took the cutting and chopping experience to a great level.

Cutting Board Feet

It’s not unusual for a cutting board to slip or skid and results in an accident. Keeping that in mind, makers are including skid-proof rubber feet to the cutting boards to hold the board in its place while using it.

Cutting Board With Legs

Legs were incorporated in cutting boards to use them as a serving platter as well.

Cutting Board With Lip


Lips were also included in cutting boards for better grips and hold them in place. It’s important for a cutting board to stay in place to avoid any accidents.

Cutting Board With Well

A well or deep cuts around the corners of the cutting board is designed to obtain access run-off water or other liquids from cutting and chopping foods. This well helps to keep your workspace clean and hygienic.

Cutting Board With Hole

A hole was crafted in the cutting board to hang it on to the wall and save kitchen space.

Cutting Board With Drawers

Many cutting boards contain built-in drawers to provide added functionality to the board and also maximize working space.

Cutting Board With Drip Tray

This kind of cutting board is used typically for where liquid flows out of your cutting board. The tray saves you from liquid dripping.

Cutting Board With Strainer

This cutting board uses a strainer for having convenient result. Normally it placed near the sink.

Cutting Board With Spikes


This type of cutting board mainly utilizes for commercial and food serving purposes.

Cutting Board With Counter Lip

Cutting boards that include counter lip which is used for steady cutting experience.

Cutting Board Island Wheels

For portable experience these kinds of cutting boards are mainly focused.

Cutting Skirting Board Without A Mitre


With this cutting board, you can ditch the mitre and can have your desired result.

Cutting Board Top Table

Cutting board top table used for commercial and other uses. Generally used where chopping and cutting occur on the daily basis.

Cutting Board With Accessories

Cutting Board Oil

To care and correctly treat a cutting board, regular oiling is a must. Use a food grade mineral oil or drying oil to moisturize and preserve your precious board for a long period of time.

Cutting Board Oil Vs Conditioner

When a wooden cutting board looks dry and dusty, it’s time to moisturize it so that it can function properly. To make the board moist, first, use a food-grade mineral oil and then put few drops of conditioner. This combination of oil and conditioner makes the board moist and shiny as new.

Cutting Board Scissors

Cutting Board Scissors

Cutting board scissors are used for clever way to run your kitchen. This way you can save your time very efficiently.

Cutting Board Rack

Cutting board racks are used for better way to organize your kitchen. This accessory makes your life much easier.

Cutting Board With Trays


Cutting boards which embraces trays those are mostly for avoid liquids to flow out from your cutting board. This saves you from a big messy situation.

Cutting Board With Storage

The storage facility of cutting boards delivers time saving results. This types of cutting boards are very handy.

Cutting Board Organizer

This accessory is made to build your kitchen much easier to manage. You will have everything in its place. So, during working in the kitchen you won’t have problems searching your kitchen tools.

Cutting Board Holder Organizer

This tool is for your ultimate convenience in your kitchen.

Cutting Board Organizer Rack


A cutting board organizer rack is a great addition to your kitchen if you own aplenty of cutting boards. This rack enables you to display your board collection and also keeps all the boards in one place.

Cutting Board Organizer Cabinet

When you have a number of various cutting boards, you just cannot put all of them on your countertop. You must need a cabinet to store and organize all your favored cutting boards.

Storing all boards in one place makes it easier for you to pick the one you need real quick. Numerous eye-catching designs of organizer cabinets are available in the market for you to choose from.

Cutting Board Resurfacing Tool

Resurfacing tools makes your old cutting board sanitary and give appearance like new. This tool is a must have tool. This scraper refinish your board and keep it bacteria free. Makes it durable.

How to Clean Wooden  Cutting Board  [Infographic]


Cutting Board With Scale

Cutting boards that are used for cutting fabric, paper or any other crafting jobs includes a measuring scale to make the cutting process effortless and perfect.

Cutting Board With Knife

A knife and a cutting board is a perfect pair because one cannot use a cutting board without a knife. A sharp blade knife cuts and chops the food items on the cutting board.

Cutting Board And Rotary Cutter

Tailors and designers use a cutting board to spread the fabric or leather on the board for a proper and definite cut. And a rotary cutter is used to precisely cut the fabric that is spread on the cutting board.

Care Of Cutting Boards

Regardless of the built material, each and every cutting board needs special care and maintenance. Regular cleansing, bloating, oiling and moisturizing are required to preserve the performance of the cutting board.


Why End Grain Cutting Board


Aside from being exceptionally beautiful, end grain cutting boards don’t damage the sharpness of your knives. Additionally, end grain finishes are almost scratch-proof.

Which Cutting Board Is Best Wood Or Plastic

Depends on the type of foods you want to cut or chop. Both serve similar benefits except that wooden boards have more sanitation properties.

Which Cutting Board Is Best For Meat

Boards made from natural bamboo and woods are best for cutting meats as there is less chance of the bacterial attack on the meat.

What Is Cutting Board Oil

It’s always necessary to take care of your cutting board for them to last long. Cutting board oils are used to moisturize the board so that wraps and cracks don’t show up.

Why Bamboo Cutting Board


Bamboo cutting boards are made from all natural compressed grass and eco-friendly. These boards also care for the sharpness of the blades you are using.

What Cutting Board Is Best For Knives

Cutting boards made from various types of wood and plastic are easy on the sharpness of knives because these materials don’t make the knives blunt and dull.

Which Cutting Board Is Most Sanitary

It’s a common belief that wooden cutting boards are most sanitary among other cutting boards. This is because bacteria cannot survive inside woods and therefore, it is almost unlikely to have the bacterial infection from your foods.

What Cutting Board Is Best To Use

According to many professional’s opinions, cutting boards made from woods are the best to use. These boards are anti-bacterial, doesn’t dull or chip sharp knives and most importantly, they are budget friendly.

A wooden board is a quite heavy and won’t slip while working. Moreover, these boards are eco-friendly and made from all natural components.

How To

How To Cut In Cutting Board

Wash the board before use and use a sharp knife to chop or cut your food items on the cutting board.

How To Clean Plastic Cutting Board

Most plastic cutting boards are dishwasher safe. But if you want to hand wash your cutting board, it’s safe to use almost any cleaning agent.

It’s important to wash plastic boards after every use because of bacteria grow-up.

How To Clean Wood Cutting Board


Users should never put a wooden cutting board in a dishwasher or use harsh chemical detergents to wash the board.

If necessary to clean the board, first moisturize the board with mineral oil and then mildly wash the board so that water cannot emerge inside the woods.

How To Finish Cutting Board

Finish off a wooden cutting board by wiping with a paper towel and then oiling it. And for plastic and other cutting boards, washing properly with right products cleans the board

How To Seal Cutting Board

Seal a cutting board with food grade mild oils once a month to keep your cutting board in excellent condition.

How To Choose Cutting Board


Choosing the right cutting board totally depends on your needs. But before buying consider the material and the grain finish of the board.

How To Make Cutting Board

Making a cutting board is not that hard. I think anyone can make it. But may not look stylish as we bought from the market. You can select any types material that fits your needs.

But mostly wood is preferable. You will need few tools to make it perfect such as a sander, planer, miter saw, table saw, router, clamps, round over bit.

To make a cutting board you need to select a design for your cutting board first. And then you cut it precisely as your purpose serves. Make the board surface and edges smooth and round. That’s it.

You can watch videos online also to gain knowledge much better.

How To Make Cutting Board Countertop

Counter top cutting boards are the traditional way of cutting meat and vegetables. To make a counter top cutting board you also need special tools. You can choose how you want to make your countertop like rectangle, square, round of any type.

I will not go into details here. Just give you the idea of how the main process works. You should watch YouTube videos to visually absorb the whole process.

First, you will need hardwood like maple wood. Cut the wood pieces as you need. Make it very smooth using a planer.  You will also need lumbers to make your countertop. Lumbers are glued face to face.

Pick your desired lumber to get the even layer for your cutting board. After gluing then apply sanding the joint section of the board. Clamp all the pieces together. Then reshape the pieces according to your table.

Place the cutting board on top of the table. Then give it some time to set. Wash the countertop before using. This entire process is very technical so if you own some skill then it will be an easy task for you. However, you can do it yourself eventually if you try your best.

As the cutting board is one of the essential kitchen tools, it is wise to know your needs and thoroughly research every option available in the market.

Each board possesses unique features and has numerous benefits and drawbacks. You have to decide which board or boards fit your requirements and also is within your budget.

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