How Cutting Board Can Help You to Make Your Favorite Grill

Grills are love. From grilled steak to grill chicken, you simply can’t ignore the rich aroma rising from the depth of grills.

Let alone the alluring taste. This Christmas, make your dining full of different types of your favorite grills.

Meat on Cutting Board

But did you know that some of your familiar kitchen tools may help you increase the taste of your favorite grill? Yes ma’am, according to Burnupp, a cutting board comes handy when preparing your favorite grill. Ask me how it is possible? It seems weird!


Here’s the answer to your question.

Cutting Board Tricks & Hacks

Prepare Grill

Cutting board is an essential kitchen appliance that performs a wide range of tasks. You can cut your meats into smaller sizes, cut veggies to prepare your favorite salad and vegetable item for lunch and dinner. In fact, the use of a cutting board is seemingly endless.

But, when it comes to making your favorite grill, the chopping board has something particular to offer you.

Preparing The Meat with Depth Cuts

Can you make a grill of a whole lamb leg or Turkish chicken? Although you wish to do so, the size of your home grilling machine will limit your wish. That’s where the use of a cutting board comes to the point of discussion.

Use the cutting board to cut meat into smaller pieces. It not only will accommodate you to grill the meat chunks but also allows you to work with the part with more freedom.

Why is freedom with working the meat chunk is essential? I have surprisingly noticed a lot of people asking the same question.

chicket grill

Let’s get your confusion buried underneath your grill wastage forever. The taste of grilled meat is largely attributed to the juiciness of the meat piece. To achieve the juiciness, the piece must be in an optimum size. Otherwise, if it is too small, it may burn down too fast or large pieces may not be well cooked.

Also, the optimal size of your meat chunk for grilling is necessary so that spices like BBQ sauce enter deep into the meat. It increases the juiciness and gives a soothing experience to your taste buds. In case you end up cutting large pieces or can’t process your raw meats, spice won’t enter and evenly distributed into it.

The result is a tasteless grill.

Precise Cuts Add Beauty to Grill

Suppose you are in a restaurant and ordered your favorite grilled steak. It is served with wear and tears at the sides with no precision- rough cuts everywhere. Will you love it?

The same goes for your homemade grills. And the secret for precise cuts of the piece of meats is on your cutting board. Dedicated meat cutting boards are robust and hold knives edges quite well. So, with a proper cutting board and a sharp knife, you can prepare your piece of meat for precision.

It will add efficacy to your grill.

Prepare Grill

A Secret Cutting Board Recipe: Make Grill Tastier

In general, we marinate the piece of meat for several hours. Some slather the meat with BBQ sauce to add an extra flavor to the grill. Although that’s fine for a delicious grill, you can do a bit more.

Here’s a cutting board hack from the owner of famous Hollywood based APL Restaurant owner and BBQ specialist Adam Perry Lang. He comments that we should season our cutting board with bbq sauce or vinaigrette sauce before preparing the meat. The BBQ grand champion also says that this trick traps the moisture inside the meat which is helpful for the juicy grill. It also keeps the aroma inside the piece of meat and increases the taste substantially.

Hence, ten minutes resting of the meat on the seasoned cutting board will make your grill more flavorful and tender. Thank me later, when you find your most favored grill extra delicious.

grill on fire

Garnish Grill: Use the Cutting Board

You made your favorite grill, and it’s time to serve it at the dinner party. But serving it without a proper garnishing will look dull. Hence, use your creativity to decorate the grill platter. Take some fresh coriander leaves and cut them on your cutting board. Then, place it beside your grill chicken or mutton. Additionally, you can also use chopped tomatoes like a flower to garnish the plate.

It just adds a little beauty to your grill.

Final Recommendation

The use of a cutting board is limitless. The above hacks of it to prepare your favorite grill will undoubtedly add some extra flavor to your meal. Don’t forget to convey to me a little thanks for such amazing life hacks with the cutting board.

One more thing, season your board with a bit of speckle or spice rub to get an even more delicious grill.

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