7+ Best Commercial Backpack Blowers (2020 Reviews)

Husqvarna 350BT  50 2cc 2 Cycle 692 CFM 180 MPH Professional 2 Cycle Gas Backpack Leaf Blower Husqvarna 350BT, 50.2cc 2-Cycle 692 CFM 180 MPH Professional 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Leaf Blower
Exhaust by up to 60%, increases fuel efficiency by up to 20%, idling speed: 2200 rpm
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Worx Turbine Corded Leaf Blower  to easily control with one hand without getting fatigued Worx Turbine Corded Leaf Blower, to easily control with one hand without getting fatigued
Very lightweight at 6.4 lbs, 110 mph and 600 CFM output, variable speed – wg520, rated power- 12 amps
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Hitachi Gas Powered Leaf Blower Produces an impressive air velocity Hitachi Gas Powered Leaf Blower, Produces an impressive air velocity
Rb24eap gas powered, 23.9cc 2 cycle engine, class-leading 441 CFM, 170 mph, technology for environment
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Handheld Leaf Blower Powerful clearing performance
Husqvarna 125B, 28cc 2-Cycle, Gas 425 CFM, 170 MPH Air Velocity
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Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Blower Vac 250 mph Red Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Blower Vac, 250 mph, Red
Vacuum tube, bottom-zip bag, power insert, concentrator nozzle and cord storage hook included
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Greenworks Variable Speed Cordless Blower Vacuum Battery Included Greenworks Variable, Speed Cordless Blower Vacuum, Battery Included
40v 185 mph variable, 4.0 ah battery included 24322, g-max 40v battery models
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BLACK+DECKER LSW20 20V MAX Lithium Ion Sweeper
Product dimensions 37 x 10.9 x 6.3 inches, item weight 3.7 pounds, shipping weight 4.8 pounds
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Makita BBX7600N 75 6 cc MM4 4 Stroke Engine Backpack Blower Makita BBX7600N 75.6 cc MM4 4-Stroke Engine Backpack Blower
Product dimensions 14.8 x 19.7 x 21.3 inches, item weight 22.6 pounds, item model no. bbx7600n
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Ryobi RY08420 42cc Gas Powered 2 Cycle Backpack Leaf Blower 185 mph Ryobi RY08420 42cc Gas Powered 2-Cycle Backpack Leaf Blower 185 mph
50:1 Gas to Oil ratio, which is 2.6oz of oil to 1 gallon of gas. Do NOT use E85 gas
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Did you look at your surroundings yesterday?

Is everything besides you neat and clean?


You have seen the title and now thinking what I am saying.

Well, I am about to say on how to choose a commercial backpack blower.

The relation between your surroundings and blower is complimentary.

If you love to see things beautiful such as your garden without any garbage, then a blower is a must equipment.

Because the best blower has the capability to blow all the dropped-out leaves, pine cones, toys, plastic fragments, and other stuff.

Read the whole best commercial backpack blower buying guide for more interesting useful information.

Why Backpack Blower?

Backpack blower is one kind of effective leaf blowers.

You can carry the blower on your shoulders. It’s similar to carrying a school bag full of books.

It has a blower nozzle that blows out air at a good speed with good volume.

The whole device runs with gasoline or a blend of gas and oil. You don’t need to connect any wire to the electricity for the power.

The benefit of this machine is it reduces the pain to carry or push the blower with hands.

Portability is just awesome when you start using best commercial backpack blower. There are also electric backpack blowers are available at the market.

But these are not as much effective as gas powered ones.

Corded or cordless both types of electric backpack blowers are perfect for regular use. These are less noisy machines than a gas-powered blower.

But for commercial purpose, you don’t like to run out of power while applying the machine to the task.

What to Look For?

The Engine

The first thing you need to look for is the engine of high-quality backpack blower for business.

Once HP or horsepower was used as backpack blower measurement rating.

But it’s old now to look for HP.

Now leaf blowers are measured with CC or cubic centimeter. CC can be diverse depending on the physical size of the leaf blower for sale.

Even there are more things to choose a machine with a good engine. 2 similar size engines can provide different types of performance.

Electric backpack blowers are signified with the performance marked by MPH or miles per hour.

A leaf blower for commercial purposes usually has 2 or 4 stroke engines.

The 2-stroke engine is suggestively powerful than a 4-stroke engine.

At the same time, 2-stroke engine distributes the power twice times than 4-stroke one. 2-stroke engines are less weighty than for 4-stroke engine-based backpack blower.

Does that mean I am not suggesting you to but the 4-stroke backpack blower? Obviously, no.

The 4-stroke engine is also beneficiary.

A backpack blower having 4-stroke engine requires less fuel.

Even it omits less exhaust than 2-stroke leaf blower engine. 4-stroke engines are suitable for long-term use.

The Performance

Performance matters!

The airflow and airspeed are the ways to know how the backpack blower will perform. CFM or cubic feet per minute is the amount of air that comes out from the leaf blower.

It’s the airflow of the device. MPH or miles per hour stands for the airspeed of a commercial backpack leaf blower.

A commercial blower can flow air at 500-950 CFM with an airspeed of 170-250 MPH. Different manufacturers build blowers with dissimilar CFM and MPH.

It depends on you how faster you want to clean the lobbies.

The Weight

Obviously, it’s an important matter.

When you have strapped on the backpack blower, you will feel something heavier load on your back.

Even you may need to carry this for a couple of hours. So, it’s important to have a blower that’s easy to carry and comfy.

Generally, commercial backpack blowers weigh 20-30 pounds.

You should check for this to prevent any unexpected muscle pain.

The Noise

Heavy noise can create lots of health issues especially the deafness, hearing errors. Nobody would be happy to have such problems.

Backpack blowers create heavy noise.

A quality budget backpack blower may create 70-85 dB(A) sound at a 50ft distance. The operator or user of the blower will get 90-110 dB(A).

Remember this point to stay healthy or if you don’t want to awake others.

Fuel Efficiency

Running a device for a long time depends on the energy it uses.

So, if you don’t know how to buy a fuel-efficient backpack blower, you will face problems.

Check out the label or the instruction manual to know how much fuel is required to run for one project.

The runtime of the machine is related to fuel consumption. As an example, 6 oz. fuel can keep the machine turned on for more than one hour.

It can vary in different brand’s backpack blowers. So, you should be wise about this.

The Structure

The ergonomics can help you a lot.

The vibration of the leaf blower can shake your body, slower your movement, create muscle pain.

This is why the structure of the item should be friendly. Padded straps, padded back are parts of a friendly structured backpack blower for the garden.

Some of these blowers may have a waist or chest strap.

They can add more safety and comfort.

The active cooling feature is also a part of the ergonomics.

When you turn on the blower, it gets hot to hotter.

How will you feel if the warmth touches your back? Indeed, it would be least interesting in cleaning the areas.

The active cooling keeps your back cool when the machine is hot.

So, these are the active features or spots to look on while buying the best commercial backpack blower.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the backpack blowers:


Question: Does backpack blower work better than other types of blowers?

Answer: In my opinion, backpack blowers are certainly better performing and efficient than others.

But it can add plus point with the carrying facility.

Question: How long can I run the blower at a stretch?

Answer: It depends on the fuel efficiency, cleaning task size, the structure of the blower.

A good machine can run up to 2-3 hours at a stretch without falling you in any problem.

The Root

Backpack blowers save the time to reduce the dirty elements from your area.

In the commercial areas, there’s limited time to take care of the environment and space.

These blowers have made the commercial life easier.

I have discussed all the necessary information about buying the best backpack blower.

If you want to buy one, you should read the customer reviews, look for discounts, offer, price first.

This buying guide for backpack blower will help you every time.

Happy Backpack Blowing!

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