How to Clean Batting Gloves

Any ball players know the importance of a pair of batting gloves

to protect

their hands from the hard wooden and rubberized ball.


you are a cricket player wearing thick gloves


a baseball player

with thin gloves, you need to clean them off and on.

Batting gloves receive sweating and dirt and soon get odorous.

This odor and sweating act as an ideal place for germ breeding ground.


for health safety,

you must know how to clean batting gloves quickly and adequately.

So, let’s get to see it.


How to Clean Batting Gloves

Batting gloves for ball play can be of various kinds.


many gloves have different cleaning methods.

For your assistance,

we will be covering the cleaning and drying procedure of the synthetic and leather batting gloves.

batting gloves

The General Guideline

Whether you are using synthetic or leather gloves,

before you advance to the mainstream washing,

you should follow some general cleaning instructions.

These are:

  1. After your game or practice session, immediately clap your pair of gloves to remove the dirt quickly. Once you clap the gloves a few times, the debris will loosen up for easy removal.
  2. Next, you should wipe the gloves off with a dry brush. While it’s tough performing in the field, we recommend you to brush the gloves with a soft leathery brush at home.
  3. While you apply the bush, do it gently. Otherwise, you may damage the exterior fabric permanently. The brushing will remove the debris that was still on the gloves even after the clapping.
  4. Sometimes you may need to clean your mitts on the field. At this time, a brush cleaning may not be a valid idea. In such cases, we suggest you use a cleaning wiper for the leather. You can find it at the nearby sports shop.
  5. The leathery cleaning pads are disposable. So, after a quick cleaning, you can quickly put the pads away in the bin box.

Leather Batting Gloves Washing Technique

leather glove

While dry washing of leather or synthetic gloves

is easy

with a brush or disposable pad,

it won’t clean the gloves entirely.


you need to wash the gloves pair and disinfect them also.

  • Rubbing gloves with detergent and lukewarm water solution: At first, take a bowl or cup full of lukewarm water. Now add two to three drops of soap in the water. The detergent needs to be alcohol-free for the gloves’ safety.
    Now us a rag cloth to rub the interior and exterior of your gloves.
  • Rinsing with cold water: After a few moments of waiting, run a gentle cold water stream over the gloves’ fabrics. This rinsing should remove the softened debris successfully from both inside and outside of the batting gloves.
  • Soaking moisture: After the rinsing, use a clean towel to wipe off the water and excessive moisture from the gloves. Repeat the water removing process a few times with the squeezed towel.
  • Drying the gloves: After you have eliminated the maximum water and moisture with the help of a clean sheet, air dry the gloves. You should place the glove away from direct sunlight for air dry without damaging the leather.
  • Conditioning the gloves: Leather gloves need regular conditioning to keep performing for a prolonged period. Use a trustworthy conditioner to apply it to the leather palms. Use a clean cloth for applying the conditioner.

Synthetic Batting Gloves Washing Technique

Washing the synthetic batting gloves is quite different from that of leather ones.

Before you start the washing, read the care instructions. You should find it in the packaging.


most synthetic batting gloves are machine washable,

which will make your job a world of nature.

For machine wash,

we recommend you to use a non-bleaching detergent


a cold water setting in the washing machine.


you may add odor removal or antibacterial tablet to get rid of the stinky odor from your fav pair of gloves.

After washing,

you should air-dry the gloves just in the same way you did with the leather gloves.

Machine dry will damage the synthetic fabrics costing you to buy one new pair forcefully.


A clean pair of batting gloves is one of the critical elements for a ballplayer.

It protects the players from the ball hitting their hand.


ballplayers will most likely wear them for hours, it must be clean.

We genuinely hope this guideline on batting gloves cleaning technique comes helpful for you.

Happy batting.

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