How to Care Indoors & Outdoors Snake Plants?

Mostly referred to as mother-in-law’s tongue,

snake plants have long, thin leaves.

This plant is a good choice of a decorative indoor plant because of its unique characteristic.

It has an upright shooting leaves, which make them extremely different from other types of a houseplant.

With precise area,

you can have them at home for many years to come.

Below are lists of tips on how to care for Snake Plants.

  1. Primarily, you must place the snake plant around your house depending on your decorative needs, and how many of them you want to grow. The good thing about this houseplant is that it tolerates any amount of direct sunlight exposure, and can also grow on low light conditions.
  2. Secondly, you can encourage the growth of your snake plant by keeping them warm at all times. Temperature at 80 degrees Fahrenheit is better as it can boost the growth of the plant. Although it can grow in a room with below 60 degree temperature, its growth will slow down so make sure that the temperature is always warm.
  3. Thirdly, pouring water directly on the leaves of the plant is not advised. Rot can form if the water sits inside the leaves of the plant. A good snake plant care requires you to water it around its base.
  4. Do not water the plant frequently, water it moderately instead. You can water it once every week, but make sure that you consider the amount of water from the sunlight that it receives. Generally, you can water the plant once every 2 weeks in low light situation, and water more often if the plant id placed in a room with high light.
  5. How to care for Snake Plant will require you to repot, but make sure that you allow its roots to bind before doing it. Snake plants can grow better is their roots are thoroughly wrapped around the bottom of the plant pot. The possibility of blooming is high if the roots are bind.

If you live in a very hot and dry area,

it’s better if you place the plant in a shaded location where the soil will not dry out quickly.

Cut the stems to add an interesting element at the arrangement of the leaves.

Snake plants easily grow and will require pruning.

How to care for snake plant requires regular pruning.

If you fail to do it, it will be evasive and extremely difficult to eradicate.

If this is your first time to plant this indoorhouse plant, you must ensure to obtain it from a reputable nursery growers ordistributor.

Remember that snake plants are sold in barefoot form.

Recommended: Surface types

If youobtained such plant from a friend, you might want to make sure that it ismature and healthy. Install it inside a hole that accommodates the existingroot of the plant. Water it thoroughly to allow the soil to settle, and followthe steps on how to care for snake plant.

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