About Us

flowers-glass-vaseTired of stress to figure out…

  • What to buy?
  • Want to save money and get the best thing in your budget?
  • How to improve your home and your lifestyle?
  • How to take care of your family members?
  • How do you use and maintain your equipment?

Then we are the (Life + Ology) Lifeogy (you are welcome!), you are looking for so eagerly.

We provide lists for:

The best tools, gadgets, and gears for you.

We provide information about whatever you need –

Fridge to air-condition, pressure washer to mop or even small to a big one.

We are here to make your shopping experience better by telling exactly what thing is the best one for you to buy.

We make our recommendations through interviewing, testing and vigorous reporting.

All these are compiled together by an enthusiastic team that is made of

  • Researchers
  • Expert professionals
  • Scientists, and
  • Experienced journalists

We offer you a museum-

full of well-curated galleries with things that are useful and interesting for you.

We consider and review only the best things for everyday life. Take your shopping experience to a whole new level through testing all things for you so you don’t have to undergo the hassles.

We are your geeky companion;

And lastly,

We don’t forget those who have designed and engineered the staffs that have made our life easier and better.


We always offer our heartfelt thank you note to them; Moreover, we value your needs like anything.

We take pride to provide you with the best recommendations that are entirely created by our expert professionals and researchers without having any interference from our revenue team.

We ensure that our writers and editors are unaware of our business relationships so that they remain uninfluenced.

We strictly maintain a high standard of ethics and journalist procedure and believe in the independence of the editorial body from business target and operations.

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Focusing On The Best Things Only

We recommend you the gadgets that we offer for our friends and families, and those are things we would choose for ourselves in our daily life.

Yes, we consider you and us as the same.

We don’t waste our time focusing on the most featured gadgets and gears or the finest homemade goods.


We engage our energy and researchers to pick the best things for most people –

  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to use and
  • Availability

We select things which are only best-fitted in our daily life with ease.

That’s how we believe that we might come in assisting people buying the best things in the market.

It takes weeks, months and sometimes even years of research, reviewing and experience for our team to recommend you with a wide variety of gears.


We don’t get tired.

Your love keeps us moving forward.

Besides our expert opinions,

We consider and include data and interviews from other editorial sources around us so that you may get an all-out information.


We are not afraid to engage engineers, scientists and professional experts to get the best information.


To your consent,

We eagerly add customer’s review of different products along with our recommendations.

Escape Biasedness

We thoroughly ensure that our team of writers and experts are unaware of companies that have affiliated and business relationships with our business team.

Our work is supported although not always, by the commission from the retailer only when our valued readers make a selection to buy products reading our recommendations; a result of our rigorous research and analysis.

If a customer is dissatisfied with a product and returns it, we get nothing out of it.


We keep the best recommendation of products for our readers so they don’t have to return products and only then we might make the least amount of profit.

We always keep our readers at the first priority, unlike others who sort a link between manufacturers and themselves.

Our most valuable investment is the trust that our readers put on us.

We are fully aware of the fact that if we provide you with a bad recommendation due to our laziness or biasedness, you probably will withdraw your trust from us.

Then we will be left in nowhere.


We eagerly invite you to check our information which we believe is based on solid logic and experience.

It takes hours of research and fact-finding but we don’t confine ourselves only in it. We go one step forward to connect you with us to provide you with the best satisfactory results.

What you do if you can’t find your thing on our site?

You can simply reach us and our team of experts is ready to find your desired products, test it vigorously for you and provide a recommendation.

If you have a query, then please contact us or email us: info@lifeogy.com